Monday, July 27, 2009

Wolfbergers, Mastiffs and Otterhounds!!!!!

Hey! It is Guinness again --and Mango tagged us in this game. We have to post a picture from our pet folder that you haven't seen before and tell you about it. Well, we can't just post one! These beautiful Mastiff puppies are posted just for you Mango-man. They live down the road and here they are last winter--aren't they cute? It is Brogan and King! And now they are huge--but that is a post for a later date.
King and his huge mit!

And here we are making a pinwheel when we were puppies....

And just to cool things off here is Saige as a puppy doing her best impression of Gandalf!

And I had to post this one because, well, I mean look at my face. Let's get serious, am I cute or what? So, what would you rate me out of 10????

And because blogging can take time we would NEVER expect anyone to feel obligated to respond/ comment on all our post --blogging is just for fun, not for stress! So we are opening this fun game to anyone who would like to participate. Until then we would like to tell you about 2 really KEWL blogs you may not know about--please stop in if you have time, we know they would love it.

The first is Rocky and Rosie's blog and they are OTTERHOUNDS!!!! Have you ever heard of this breed---well, they are really rare, like under 1000 Otterhounds in the whole world or something like that. And do you know when Otterhounds take a drink of water they dunk their whole head in the bowl???---hahaha!

And look at this!!! Another Irish Wolfhound in Bloggy land! Cross that with a Leonberger and what do you get? A Wolfberger! Check it out!!!


  1. pawsome bloggie pics as always - those mastiffs are really vute - and we love the pinwheel pic

    we checked out those other bloggies -and left comments on the first but the second doesnt allow you to leave comments - but we are following them

    Hi we are the NY Bully Brats - we are English Bull Terrier - the splorin Wolfies sent us over

    you have a really cool bloggie- and you doggies are really cool

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  2. What a fun post - we cant wait to see you all out there making snow angels!
    The mastiffs are very impressive.
    We like your point about blogging should be fun and not stressful!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxxxx

  3. Ooooh, I especially like the picture of you in the snow, Saige! That helped cool me down! Isn't snow the BEST?!?!
    I will go say ha roo to your new friends!

  4. Hi wolfies! Blogging's always fun when your blog is involved! Our female human likes to settle down most evenings with a cuppa and one of us snoozing on each of her feet to catch up on her blog reading and we know your blog is one of her favourites. Ours too - you always seem to have such fun! We love the pinwheel picture btw! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  5. Hi Guys! I finally nagged my human into signing up to follow your blog...I laugh at how technology intimidates some humans. I have to agree with everyone...SNOW IS THE BESTEST! Saige sure does a good gandolf impression...I tend to look more like a snow covered lawn gnome!

    wags and tummy rubs!

    Abby the mini-schnauzer

  6. Brogan and King are so cute!
    You are so right. Blogging must be for fun! My wishes she had more hours to read all the doggie blogs but sometimes it is not possible!
    I am going to visit your friends now!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Wow Saige! you look like a special kind of snow sprite in that snowy picture! Furry beautiful!

    and lucky Saige and Guinness having some similar sized doggies close to you to play wif!

    Mr Darcy

  8. love the pics of the mastiff (too cute) have to check out mango's adventures


  9. Ooh, LOVE the photo of Saige in the snow!! And wow - never heard of a "wolfberger" before - how cool is that?! Must pop over for a visit - and your Otterhound friends too.

    Those Mastiff puppies are just divine!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. am glad you said that about commenting coz we have been very slack about visiting lately my human's been busy so I'm sorry! :-) But we always read all the back posts when we (finally) visit so we always catch up on all your news!