Monday, September 11, 2017

My but the years have passed by...

The years have gone by.  Life changes and nothing changes at all.  There is still a girl, a cabin, and a wolfie in the woods.  There probably always will be.  But it is time to put this chapter to bed and retire this blog.  For ten years I have captured my life with these mystical creatures.  I love to look back.  It makes me smile, laugh, cry...and it tugs the old heartstrings. Life is so short, so precious.  I hope you will stop in now and again for a smile or a laugh, I know I will have this here to look back on forever.  And now it is time to move forward...
God Bless you All,  Peace. 
Janice and the Wolfies.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Camp Fail!

 Hi it's Duke and winter hit hard out of nowhere.  We thought we were getting off easy but we got blasted in February and it stormed so much that calves came in the house to stay warm! 

And this little guy escaped from his box--or maybe I helped because I wanted to play.
The Lake is beautiful and covered with snow!
We sweep the lake and make a skate rink- can  you see me?

The snow drift are so high and the road to Crick Hollow is long....I wonder can we make it?
It might be easy going in snow shoes, but I have long stilts! I wonder if I can do it?
No I can not!

It is such hard going I need to take a break. I lay right in the snow in typical wolfie fashion! We turn around and go home.

I had fun but this little wolfie is calling it a day!  Bye for now, love Dukey!