Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Red Neck Tour!

Our Dad wants to buy a horse wagon, so we all hop on in for the ride!

But we drive for a very long time... And Guinness has to stop for a "break".

Ah...feels good to stretch my legs!

We drive and drive some more. Over rickety ol' bridges and dirt roads. Who would live way out here in the woods? We come across a strange store out of nowhere. It is even call the "In the Woods" store!!!!

All this driving has put us in a cranky mood. All the jostling and bumping from the dirt roads makes your brain feel like you're " NOT QUITE ALL THERE"

And then when we finally get to the wagon, it's not QUITE ALL THERE either!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Weird Things That Camping Brings

Hi there! It is Saige. We are hiking up to Crick Hollow with Groucho and his family!

See all the snow? It has all melted along coastal Nova Scotia where most people live. But we are inland now. We drove 20 minutes into the fattest part of the Province. So the snow does not get the ocean exposer and it takes much longer to melt. It will be April before we can drive up!

This is such a Canadian thing to do. We are here for the day to relax by the fire, have a cup of good cheer and something warm to eat!

See all the cheesy and tacky things in the camp? That is because the people who sold it to us last year left EVERYTHING and the humans haven't done anything yet.

But it is fun to dream about what COULD be done....

And who cares really, when there is a nice warm fire and no one for miles around...

You can overlook all those weird things at camp, right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Me and My Gramps!

Hrmph! All those pictures of Nova Scotia a few posts back were to try and get our Dad to come back home.

ummm...we thought he went to Roatan on business....

until we found the camera...

and this is what we saw!

Good Grief. Alrighty then, Gilligan.

SO MEANWHILE...hrm hrm...me and Gramps were in charge of the farm!

Every day we have to check the cows.

And feed the hens. Remember the hen house our Dad made out of the old grain silo? Hehehe!

See, I can only stand guard OUTSIDE the hen house--Remember?

And we give the horses pink pepperments!

And that is life on the farm. Now tell me...isn't it much better to look after these animals ...

Then to have to deal with these ones?????

Monday, March 15, 2010

Peeping Tom

I do not like the noise from the whipped cream canister...

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Circle of Life According to Guinness

Sniff..sniff. The air is changing.

The snow is melting...

The Earth is revealing herself once again...and it is strange to feel the cool, damp ground beneath our feet...

The moisture drips out of every little snow flake and leaves behind crystal shells, like a skeleton. It it hard to walk on-- a million tiny, grainy, ball bearings.

The sun is higher in the sky, and the days are getting longer. And with the thaw, the River has breached.

... And the banks must yield to the forces of Mother Nature!

As that ice melts, it trickles down into the deep, dark, musky soil...

On its way down it picks up minerals and nutrients from the leaves that fell to the forest floor last Autumn... the old life will feed the new life.

...And all the trees will awaken from their slumber. Long will their roots reach... and long will they drink that rich, life giving nectar!

The Sun will beckon--Give Up Your Dreams and Put The Night Away! New leaves will bud and flowers will bloom and new life will fill the forest with brief loveliness..

...until the seasons change once again....

and retreat into the cold stillness that is called Winter.