Monday, August 30, 2010

Giant Pining

Guinness here reporting from Crick Hollow. My human took another "MENTAL HEALTH DAY" from work to come up here and chillax. It is an overcast day, so we make a fire!

We boil some water on that fire and make coffee. Everything is peaceful. There are no sounds except what August breeze and robin's wing will say!

CLUNK! zzzzzzz....I fall fast asleep. But my human had too much coffee and can hear her heart beat pounding in her head...

She is working on this mosiac made from broken tile in the tiny camp bathroom.

...And outside by the Giant Pine Tree is a sun from Gram and Gramps.

It is to mark Saige's favorite tree. That is where she always sat and guarded camp.

And all the dirt where she use to dig and play is still all messed up with her footprints.

And nevermind this picture. Groucho stuck it in here for comic relief when I was not looking.

And now my human wants to go for a walk. But look--I do not want to go! I know that inside the camp there is a soft bed, a warm fire...

...and some nice belly rubs......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Put a Saddle on that Dog!

Hey! It is Guinness resting in the sweet clover! I decided once in a while I would like to post afterall. Besides, it is my blog and there is still so many beautiful pictures, and I want to keep the best shots of my handsome self all in one place. So I decided not to pressure myself for a picture a day, but maybe now and then...does that sound good?

So, I am down at the farm and look who I see! My human dad and sister horseback riding. Well, everyone says I am the size of a horse, so let's settle this once and for all!

Ha! Not even close! See? I am not the size of a horse at ALL! Everyone one we meet says I should get a saddle so people can ride me....

So I am wondering...have people never seen a horse before???

Friday, August 20, 2010


It's Guinness! A lot of you have written so I thought I'd give a quick update. Siver (Saige's sister) had a birthday on the 15th and had a party in Saige's honor. We didn't think it would be right not to share that with you. My mom wanted Silver as a puppy and often wonders about stuff like that, you know...the "what if" game. Nothing bad...just "what if"
And I have been spending a lot of time with the Sneaky Creeper. It is not intentional. He just lurks and creeps around and happens to show up where ever I am... creepy stalker.

And I am getting lots of extra special attention, so don't worry ;-) see ya a little later on.
love Guinness.
How many ages whirled you on, and were you Herald of Dusk or Dawn?
What cratered moon knows your desires? On what strange shrines have leapt you fires?
And are you alone, or are you part
Of the "Just Beyond' and it's beating heart?
Were you tired of Earth's small space,
And dark, black clouds that hid your face?
And we have learned to not regret, and know that to die is not to forget...
For Surely a soul that to Heaven fled would find on earth a restless bed.