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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Doom's Day

Hi, it's Guinness. I was at Crick Hollow again last weekend. You know, enjoying the peace and quite with Maggi...

Everything was still and easy until...what the??? Why do I hear Rap Music coming up the lane? Oh great. It is Groucho. He pulls up in his Pimpmobile. He is using it to haul around this spaceship thingy.

Groucho has been fixing up his spaceship. He said he has secretly been working on it all year. It even says right on it that it is from the Ozone. Gulp.

Groucho said the WORLD IS COMING TO AN END. He has everything he needs in his little iPOD to survive the Apocalypse.

I go in for a tour. It is true. Groucho has stocked every nook and cranny with all the provisions he needs to survive. Then he told me "good luck and good riddance". Hmmm...I see how it is.

Later on, Groucho steps out of his spaceship and summons us all around the campfire. He says he is going to celebrate our last night in style so we will remember everything he has ever done for us. What the??? He asks us in turn to list all the ways he has changed our lives.

Groucho leads us song. We sing a round of Kumbaya. Groucho has way too much to drink and passes out cold.

We chuck him in the cabin to sleep it off. Turns out the medication for his hip has reacted with the alcohol.

The next day Groucho is really embarrassed. He said he got the date wrong and the REAL Rapture is not until October 21st. Groucho said he had enough cheek from us. He said we have 5 months to change our ways...if we want to survive the next RAPTURE.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Life is Good Here!

ZZZZ..Oh Hi! It's Maggi again and I am still camping.

And guess what. I LOVE to camp! It is so nice to be able just to roam free. There is so many different things I can do...or... I can just do nothing at all. That is the fun of camping!

Here I am down at the lake. Pretty nice, huh?

And look who came to see me for tea. It's Gramps! He LOVES the woods. And he really loves me too. He brought me some rhubarb coffee cake. YUM!

See that rock over there with the butterfly on it? That is the new camp motto. It says "Life is Good Here"

I quite agree!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jill's Cabin

Guinness here. I am still up here at "Crick Hollow". My human wants to walk down to Jill's Cabin, "Wispering Pines". Jill is my human's friend she met here last summer!

Jill is our nearest "camp neighbor" but she is still far away. Luckily I am feeling ambitious today so I am coming along. You can come too if you like!

There are lots of nice things to see on the way to Jill's Cabin!

Jill and my human are really silly. They are always looking at maps and trying to find short cuts to each others cabin--like through the woods, or jumping the Brook.

They even talked about getting big bells, like on a ship! When Jill was at her Cabin she could ring her bell and my human would hear it through the woods. Then my human could answer back by ringing her bell! Hahaha. Foolish girls!

My human dad said the girls were nuts-- that we should just walk down. He said the girls would get lost if they tried to make a short cut. We cross the Stream.

We stop at the Brook.

Now here is Jill's Cabin. See it tucked away in the woods? But Jill is not there.

Now we have to go all the way back. Back through the forest...

...and down by the Brook.... it is a lot of work!

Clunk ...zzzzzz. I am thinking perhaps those Bells might not be a bad idea after all....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sweetest Flower

Hi! It's Maggi! Breath deep! sniff sniff sniff. What IS that HEAVENLY smell on the forest floor? AHHHH!!!!

OOOHHH! So THIS is what Mayflowers smell like! Well, they always say you NEVER forget the first time you smell a Mayflower!

Anne of Green Gables said she feels sorry for people who live in a land where there is no Mayflowers. She said Mayflowers were the souls of flowers that died last summer and THIS is their Heaven.

You know, all the humans say I smell very, very good too--just like all the beautiful wildflowers in the forest! They say I am one of those rare "scented hounds" that you read about in legends. "Scented Hounds" are normal seen only in Afghan hounds... but I must be a throwback!

Well, that settles it! From now on you can just call me MISS MAGGI MAYFLOWER!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Election

Guinness here. Well the Federal Election has come and gone but the drama is still in full swing.

Being of unsound body and mind Groucho told me to come pick him up so he could go vote.

He informed me that he was voting for the Green Party. He thought they were some of his kin, the half-wit that he is.

Unfortunately he couldn't produce any ID at the polls and there was big trouble. The authorities said he was an illegal alien.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Oh hi! It's Guinness. Last weekend I went camping at Crick Hollow.

ZZZZZ...I am still so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Us BOYS had to work all weekend! Cleaning the yard...bring in the wood...

tending to the fire...

The girls were useless!

That is until they want something. Like a walk down to the beach...

...or some extra cuddle time. Sheesh!

Meanwhile I think I am suffering from exhaustion.

And look. When we FINALLY get home I can barely make it through the door...ZZZZZZZZZ