Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Comes Early to the Valley!

 Guinness here!  LOOK!  Gramps and camera-shy Gram came over with a delivery!

 What's inside?  Well--something for ME I hope!  Grams and Gramps open it--they have been waiting all day for my human to get home from work!  They are curious, or nosey--which one?

 Wow!  All these gifts for me! I am so excited I can't even move off the floor.  It is presents fron the HERB GARDEN again!  You know-- our friends Parsley, Sage and Lil' Sprout! They live in a far away land my human called--OAK-LA -HOME -AAH!  Go and say hi!

 Look what they made for our Christmas Tree!  Ornaments of all of us!  We just love them!  Everyone is having wonderful family fun laughing and looking.  We take alot of time to really look them over and enjoy them. 

 My human dad really gets a chuckle of the one of Christa-- his daughter, and big, fat Maggi looking humorously gigantic next to her! 

Parsley has stitched us another work of art.  The colors are just gorgeous.

And doesn't it look so perfect on our antique stove!

Hmm..something has got my attention.  I actually move!  TREATS!

I am SO there!  Have you ever actually seen a picture of me sitting?  Here is a rare glimps!


Maggi daintily picks away at hers.  She better watch it!

HA!  Look at this chew toy I got!  I am all ready for Movember!!!  hehehe!

What?  Is there more treats?

Yes there is!  Alien crackers and ornaments of Groucho for his humans.  Oh.  This is so special.  You do not understand how touched they will be.  We have all had such a hard time saying farewell to our little galactic weirdo.  What a delightful way to keep him with us for the holidays and all the Christmases to come!

 It is a happy night.  My GrandPAWrents stay around for a long time.  We all laugh and talk about how special the blog has been-- and how so many people have elevated our lives by peeking into our little world now and then.  What a nice journey these blog years have been.  In years to come--won't we look back with love at these special moments!  This is such a great time in our lives.  These are such great years for us right now. It all really hits home. 

We want to do something nice for our friends.  They make our world a happier place and we feel so blessed to have them.   Hmmm...what can I do for them?  Something really special, and different.  They said they would like to come visit us in Nova Scotia know--get a taste of our life.   Hmmm....but until then....

Do you think they would like to try some Nova Scotia Lobster flavored chips?  C'mon--don't tell me it doesn't tweak your curiousity?  hehehe.  Thank you Parsley and Sage and Lil' Sprout.  Wow!  just WOW!  We love you guys.  but please...let us know about the chips---hehehe!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Saucy Boy

 Guinness here.  My human promised me she would take me to camp for the weekend for a little vacation.

 During the end of the week I start getting a little saucy and restless.  I bark and get obnoxious.  I rip up all my toys and try and get attention.

 I start making demands and get into lots of trouble.

 But out at camp I can stay outdoors all day and come and go as I please.  Much easier on my mental health.  And see this hole I am sitting in?  I dug it out since I was a wee little puppy.  It is my special place at camp.

 I love sitting in my hole and chomping a bone--see me?  It is my very favorite place.  Everytime I go to camp I work on that hole and dig it out a little more each time.  I have cleverly situated it in a nice central location so I can keep an eye on everything.  I am not stupid you know.

 So I am dreaming about my weekend where I can finally de-stress.

 Look at my face---see how much more contented I am at camp?  My head is swarming with all the fun things I did and all the nice adventures I went on.  This is the look of a happy, occupied Guinness.  That is when my human knows I have reached my happy place.

However, I can not guarantee I will be good ALL the time.  The picnic table could still use some more chomping.  I might have to get to work on that again.

See you next week.  Love Guinness.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cookies on the Table

 Guinness here-- Maggi has told me there are cookies on the table.

 Well let's just take a little looky looky!

 Sniff sniff.  I see see.  Indeed, there IS some cookies in here.

Why am I the one who always get caught doing Maggi's dirty work?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baked Beans and Brown Bread

Guinness here.  Here is me at my little cabin deep in the woods!  Do you want to go for an Autumn walk with me and Maggi?  Well c'mon!  What are you waiting for!

 It has been a spectacular Fall with an abundance of color and radiant splendor.

 The leaves just seem so extra, extra beautiful this year.  And the air has been so sweet and mild. do you think Mag-Pie  is quite happy today?

 We start off down the trail.  But then it starts to pour.  And I mean cats and dogs!

 C'mon, we will have to tuck into the wood here and wait it out.  Can you squeeze under the tree with me?

Look. it is a grey ol day but when the rain dies down all the colors seem extra intense.

 Well, since I am already wet might as well go for a dip!

 Maggi would like to show you how pretty the marshlands look behind her!

And I would like to show you how big and handsome and rugged I look in the mist!  Hehe!  Don't I look just like an ancient hound of Irish lore?  GROWWWWLLL---hahaha!

 We have been walking for 3 hours.  My human said she got a bit of a chill in her bones.

 We walk through the magic looking glass to find the hidden, magical cabin.  My human had made a fire and now the cabin is as warm as toast.  You can imagine how exquisite it is to step into that piping hot cabin.

 And I have worked up quite an appetite.  Food please.

 And a drinky too!

We decide to stay the night.  It is too cozy to even think about leaving.  Don't worry, there is brown bread baking in the propane oven, and a crock of beans to warm up on the wood stove.  Oh--your bunk is waiting for you in the little loft bedroom upstairs.  Sweet dreams.