Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

45 km per hour couch potatoes

When I first got Wolfhounds I had read somewhere that they really enjoyed the comforts and luxuries of your home ---especially your sofa. I remember thinking "yeah--ok, whatever"--but it is definately true! Wolfhounds love to cuddle, and they will take over your bed, your couch, your floor, your lap.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

not much splorin this weekend...

The weather has been messy with the thaw, so we stayed pretty local this weekend. All the trails have a bed of slippery ice on them, everything else is just mud. I keep asking people, how much longer until this ice completely goes, and the response is always " oh, a couple more weeks, a couple more weeks"...but a couple more weeks never seems to come! it has been a long ol' winter here in Nova Scotia--I have been cold since November....brrr ;-)
So, just some randoms this week..

Here is the greatest Thief Saige. She can steal anything from anywhere in the house. She has stolen donuts off the top of the piano and an entire ham off the counter. she has gotten into the freezer and stole ice cream, and in the pantry for honey. she is a sneaky clever girl, but is good at acting innocent. here she is stealing watermelon a few weeks ago.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wolfhounds and Wrinkles at Clairmont Park

Well we finally got to meet the Wrinkle Club today! Two adorable Shar Pei's and a Mastador puppy. Chloe, Pickles and Rinaldo. You can read all about them here!http://www.ilovesharpei.blogspot.com/

I think when the dogs met, each must have thought they encountered some sort of alien dog. Everyone got along great at Clairmont Park. This is a little provincial picnic park on Route 1 between exit 16 and 17. It is really not much, but it is not busy this time of year, so it provides a good secluded place for the dogs to explore. There are many nice picnic tables along the trail and lots of tall red pine trees to make up a pretty, wooded area. We had a great time and the hounds have now settled in for a long winter nap. Thanks Wrinkle Crew!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Faithful Ol' Train Bridge

This glorious ol' Train Bridge is a Middleton treasure. It is the old line that ran across Province... from the North Shore to the South Shore! Since it is in our backyard we visit it just about every day. It is a convenient trek to woods, water, wildlife and wilderness. Christa and I walked the dogs here just about every night this winter. Once we cross the Bridge, we say we are going into Narnia. I think the Old Train Bridge is special to a lot of people. On either side of the Bridge you can turn down toward the woods and walk for quite a ways along the Annapolis River. It is very private and secluded.... simply lovely. The Bridge is old... it has had many facelifts by various organizations to keep it functional over the years. I have seen it undergo many changes. I was going through some old pictures and realized I have captured the Bridge in many different seasons with Saige and Guinness since they were just puppies!