Monday, July 27, 2009


Guinness reporting from Keji National Park. We are backpacking to one of the Back Country sites!

It is a long 8 km hike and my humans are nervous about my leg. It is 9 months since I broke it.

But we take lots of breaks and stop at many lakes...

And drink out of these red streams. The tannins make all the water at Keji look like Tea.

And here we are with Christa! we finally found our Campsite-- #25!!!!

It is on a nice lake...

Our sister, Christa sleeps in her cute little Outback tent...

Saige tries, but can not fit...

So we sleep outside under the stars with our humans...

I am tired. But don't worry, I am in good shape and just need to rest a little. We do not wear backpacks like some dogs. We are already so big it would be too taxing on our joints. We are not tireless like Border Collies...and we are not as rugged and hardy like Labs.


I am all covered in leaves--hehehe!!!

It was a fun trip and even Saige is ready to go home!


  1. Indeed...looks like a fun trip. How did poor baby break a leg?

  2. What a great adventure! We should really get together - we love the same things.Beautiful place. Sounds like a good work out for your leg - glad it held up OK.
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    The experiment was to try and get a bigger picture on the blog - the army of four told us how to do it and the picture was taken with our new camera which seems to be great!

  3. Love the pic of Saige overlooking the lake.

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  4. How exciting! That looks like a cool camping trip. Shouldn't you too have a ... pup tent though?!!?
    Hee hee hee!

  5. Great pictures and what an awesome camping trip and hike. We would like that. How did you break your leg??
    Ernie & Sasha

  6. Wow what a wonderful it looks like you had - we love to hike too - Woodrow has a backpack - but the princess doesnt!!

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  7. Hi wolfies! What a fun trip - sleeping under the stars, how romantic! We love the photo of Saige not fitting in the tent, he he he! You two look like you had a great time - we wanna come visit, he he! Tail wags - JD and Max.

  8. Wow! I wonder if my mom would take me camping like that. She'd probably be all freaked out about ticks. She's such a city girl. She'd also be freaked out about my shoulders, but I am a tough labragirl. At least I think so. I mean really, I'm only 10!


  9. You had a pawesome camping trip!
    Sleeping under the stars?? Sounds and looks great!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Camping with Wolfies???? Are you mad? Wolfie farts in TENT?

  11. that looks amazing - how were the bugs - the closest my wolfbergers get to camping is a cottage with water and electricity (LOL)


  12. Oh how cool!!! I hope my humans take me camping one day - they have never done it so are a bit nervous about how to do it! Well, the first thing, I think, would be to wait for summer and dry ground...!

    Honey the Great Dane