Friday, October 28, 2016


Oh Hi, it is Duke and my very best friend and cousin-Clyde!  We love each other so much.  I am just 8 months old so he teaches me good behavior- just like a big brother!
These things called "SEASONS" are strange.  I don't know much about them, it was so warm when I first came on the scene, but now it is cool and crisp!  We are going around the "Grain Mill Loop!"  Want to come along?

This time of year- late Autumn- everything seems DULL, but also SHARP!  Does that make any sense?  After all, I am just a young pup and still trying to figure this stuff out!

We get to the little clearing.  We PLAY!  And BOY do I LOVE to PLAY!

SPROY YOI YOI YOI YOING!  Look at me jump! I am a SLINKY!

The Farmer says it will never snow until all the little ponds and streams are full.  I hear it has been a very dry summer. Uh Oh!  Maybe I drank too much?  Oh well, the levels are rising now, so maybe soon it will be winter.  I wonder what winter is, I wonder what snow feels like?

It is sprinkling a little on our walk.  The rain drops dangle on the shrubs.  When the sun comes out just a little, the field lights up like a million tiny crystals! 

It is so strange, but as we were walking, it felt like there were other wolfhounds from days gone by keeping up guard.  Walking these same paths, following from a safe distance...
but we cross the bridge and that feeling is gone. You all know this bridge well by now I am told!  We have completed the loop.  It is time to go home. 

And when I get to my  home, there is a warm bed and a fire.  There is always someone there to give me wolfie cuddles, and I am always up for that.  Funny how things are, eh?  Everything changes, but really, nothing changes at all....  til next DUKEY!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Some things never change...

There is a new Wolfie pup in Middleton and a girl there to love him-and so the story continues...