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Social Etiquette of an Alien

Guinness, here. Groucho won 3rd place in Mango-minster. He won in the HOUND category which, is questionable, if you ask me.
And what is all this? It is Groucho's winnings from Lacie, Stan and Scruff!

Lacie DID say to let's phone Groucho and tell him to come divvy up his loot!

I DO think this toy GUINNESS BEER is most fitting for me!

And WOOPS! Saige already de-stuffed the WUBBA Kong before Groucho even gets here! Let's hope he doesn't want that!

Well, here he comes...he wastes no time and greets us with his weird alien ritual.

Well...unfortunately, Groucho seems really scared of these toys.

He just never seems to know how to play.

We introduce him to Lacie...

Groucho does not know what to do ... He still has some issues to work through...

He likes the rope though! I think he sees some resemblance....

He goes off by himself in the corner for the rest of his visit. Poor little dude.

In the end Groucho goes home with the treats and the rope...and we get to keep the rest! Thank you so much Lacie, Stan, Scruffy and company!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Look at this! Saige has spotted the RED BERRIES!
But can she do it. This is a difficult part of the course. Ridiculous some would call it. The course designers have been criticized throughout these Games....

LOOK AT THAT JUMP FOLKS! That will be BIG MARKS for Technical Merit!

Saige quickly hands the berries off to Team Captain Guinness...what is he doing..what is that he is making?

WHOA!!!!! UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!! He has constructed the Canadian flag from those berries--and with plenty of time to spare! Team Wolfhound has really gone above and beyond our expectations after last year's disappointing last place finish.

It is going to have to be a perfect 10 for Artistic Impression...

Saige devours the berries...and in record time, ladies and gentlemen! Can you believe this. Canadians everywhere are hanging off the edge of their seats....

It is a mad dash to the finish line. Go Canada go! Go Canada GO!!!

Guinness sits patiently and awaits his score.... AND YES!!!!! IT IS GOING TO BE A FIRST PLACE FINISH...CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!!!

With the Olympic Torch glowing in the Background, Team Wolfhound collects their 1st place medal.

This Olympic moment brought to you by Groucho--the Afghan Canadian judge.

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Outing to Town

Guinness here at the keyboard. Mom took a "mental health day" off work ...hehehe! So we are going to walk into town to surprise our Dad at HIS work!

We are taking the trails through the woods into Town instead of the roads. That way the cars won't run into each other anymore when they see us. Since we are going "Into Town" we wear our best threads from Egypt.

We find an old apple tree and have a feast! Nom nom nom!

BUUURRRPP!!!!!! Hehehe....

Now we have a little rest to digest all those frozen apples.

Here is our Dad's old grain mill. It is romantic to mill your own grain for sure... but it takes a lot of now he has it up for sale.

Look who we find in the Town office! It is our Dad!

Our Dad is the CAO for the Town but everyone knows it is these girls who run the show. And they give us lots of treats and kisses!

Me and Saige went into Dads office and found DONUTS on his desk! And in the GARBAGE CAN we found...


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