Friday, August 21, 2015

The Journey

The Splorin' Wolfies has a very good ending.  Please come back and check soon as I am gathering the inspiration to share you with the wolfhound chapter of my life.  The chapter that will be here for me always in these pictures, in these 9 years these wonderful, glorious, wolfhound years. They went on and on--day after day, year after year--I thought, "surely they will come to an end, surely the time will someday come."  And it did not come, for years and years and day after day--there they always were ...and so every day I cherished the blessing of them, took note of it. I hope you will visit them over the years when you need a lift or a smile.  What is life without turning back the pages briefly, to our favorite chapter..and smiling a little smile.  Wolfie mamma