Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Cattle are Lowing

Merry Christmas--from the farm.

Friday, December 21, 2012

When Dreams Come True

Hohoho! Guinness here and would you just LOOK at this!  HA!  Just yesterday I was asking for snow and see what happened!
And just look at Maggi--she feels the snow falling from the sky!
What a peaceful night for a quite walk through the woods!  PLEASE!  Come along with us?

 Gasp!  Will-of-the Whisps! Maggi seems to sense the power of the bright Whisps!  What in the world could they mean?
We follow the Whisps and they lead us to the clearing.  We sit and wait.

WOOOOSH!  GACK!  What was that??? Something in the dark swooped LOW --and right over our heads!

 OH WOW!  What a gift --what a rare treat.  God has sent us a message.
Do you see the red eyes?  It is an OWL!  it is near impossible to glimps an owl in the wild.  Did you know birds were creatures of omen?
This owl is extremely close and stays for a long time looking down at us.  I do not bark.  Maggi does not stir.  We do not want the magic to end.  We sit in the quiet of the moment, in the forest, with the snow following down all around us.
Back in Newfoundland, another gift has just arrived.  Remember little baby Oliver--our human's nephew?  Well, he is a big boy now--and look who has come for Christmas.  His new baby brother Jesse.

And can you guess what his little nursery is decorated with?  You guessed it! 


Hehehe!  See?
I think everyone harping on this "end of the world stuff"  got it a bit wrong, don't you think?  I think the owl was trying to tell us that this is a year of new  beginnings--of new life.  And so, I am opening my heart to this new year.  May it be filled with love...and LAUGHTER!  ...and PEACE and FRIENDSHIP!  Thank you for sharing our little journey with us--and if you see any special birds over the holidays--I hope you think of us ...and smile and little smile.  Love Guinness.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let it Snow

Let it SNOW..
 Let it Snow!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bin Pickin'

Guinness here reporting from the farm.

I am supervising--my human is changing the blades.  You wanna see why?

Well, follow me--I will show you!

Well surprise surprise--little piggy Maggi has beaten us there--look at all this grub!

Our humans get all the culls from the salad factory in Town.  You wonder how anyone could ever go hungry when you see the things they throw out!  

See?  The cows go BONKERS for this stuff--it is like candy to them and when the bin comes rolling into the farm you can hear them blatting for miles around.  They come running for that good sweet grub!

These pineapple cores are fun to feed.  They eat them like I eat dog treats!

I chomp down on a an old broccoli stock--hehehe!

Mag mows down a pineapple!

Now here comes the tractor with one BIG SCOOP!

The cows go crazy, they are mowing and blatting and making a big ruckus.
At first they push and shove, but there is so much food they soon settle in.

If we dump some in this corner--it will spread them out even more.

SPLAT!!!!  There it goes.  The air smells so sweet from all that good produce.  It smells just like a giant fruit salad everywhere!

It is like Christmas every Saturday and every Tuesday and the cows get very excited when it is BIN day.

Our prize winning bull-- Johnny Cash --would like to give you a big wet kiss.

As for me, I love to sit and listen to them eat--and then I think how yummy and sweet our beautiful, homegrown, pasture fed beef is going to taste.  Support your local farmers!  Love Guinny