Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farewell, Fair Friend

Ok, I wasn't going to post this because my intention from day one was to close out the blog the minute the title "Splorin Wolfies" no longer applied--but my inbox is overflowing, and I didn't know so many people would be so touched by Saige's life. So here is a note some of you have already recieved:

We lost Saige last night, Annemia—most likely due to an intestinal tumor. Her back end completely gave out suddenly within 24 hours She did not suffer. I knew her life was not going to be measured by time, but by quality, and her quality was exceptional. We made the most of every day with her and enjoyed ever single moment with that beautiful creature. She was a glorious, glorious girl. Her birthday would have been Aug 15, so she was 3.9 years old. She has had a hard summer with the heat, and her colitis and her arthritis. She was on daily medication for those last 2 I never felt that she was truly the healthiest of hounds. Also she was massive, even for wolfhound standards--which didn't help...there was always health issues, stress, and concern with her.

I am absolutely relieved to let go of the burden of her suffering that I felt so heavily on my shoulders... and the last 24 hours when she was unable to stand and walk on her own I felt so unburdened just to let her go. She is at peace now, and I feel no sorrow except for my own loss of my great pal. But I am mostly happy, at the exemplary hound I was privileged to share my life with these past 4 years. I might be back on the blog in time, but for now we are tired of 'splorin for at least a little while, and Guinness will need some extra attention to cope with the loss of his best friend.

My intention of the blog was just to explore the country side and show the best qualities of wolfhounds and Nova Scotia--I thought the two went so well together. But I never wanted support or sympathy for any hardships that came our way---I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT HOW OTHER BLOGGERS FEEL—and some of you support each other through lifes ups and downs, which is 100% ok. It's just not how I roll. I hope this doesn't come out wrong, because in the end I am VERY appreciative of all the concern and support!!! I just don’t want to stress others out and make them feel they have to send condolences our way, because that is really not what we want or need—and not what my blog was about. We are doing really well and just remembering the happiness Saige gave us, so please, please don’t be sad—we are really not sad at all, just happy to have had her in our lives ;-)

Saige's energy is still very much present and all around me, I will carry her around with me forever... so truly, she has not left at all, she is right there where she always was, embedded in my heart.

Love the wolf pack

Friday, July 30, 2010

The End

Thanks for joining us on our blogging adventure!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Guinness" Beach

Guinness and Marlee here reporting from the South Shore, Nova Scotia. Here are some of the friends we met on our adventure in the high seas!

Look! It's a Mini Guinny! Hehehehe!

And I found a beautiful Jellyfish!

Don't worry--Marlee and me keep a respectable distance. Life comes in so many strange and lovely forms doesn't it? Every creature great and small contributes to the ebb and flow of this mysterious world in ways we will never know. But enough of my philosophy.

Look! A seagull!

Two seagulls!

Marlee and me spend some quality time searching for treasures, and unlocking the mysteries of the Universe.

But now I have to leave the South Shore...back to the North Shore, my home. Back to the Fundy Bay where our Coast is harsh and rugged. Where the Sea is savage and unforgiving. But alas, the next great adventure could not begin if this one did not end....*SOB*. Goodbye Dear Friends, til next summer and we will meet back here once again. Thank you so much. Take good Guinness.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Caribbean Getaway

Guinness here! And look! Here is my friend Marlee and her humans!

They invited me over for a day in the Caribbean! So I hop in the car... and now here I am!

I have never been to the Caribbean before...Marlee leads the way!

She takes me to the powdery white sand beaches found only in this tropical paradise.

AHH! Look at all the little islands and this endless beach!

UH OH! Marlee is running for the water! She looks like a Baywatch Beauty Queen flaunting and flirting all her curves--I can't take my eyes off her.

She takes the plunge. There is only one thing for I go!

GACK! This is NOT the Carribean! It is the frigid Atlantic Ocean! BAH...fooled again!

Oh well. That is ok, Nova Scotia's best keep secret are her beautiful, secluded beaches. Huh? Where is everyone going? What buried treasures are to be found down there?

Sand dollars! I am rich! Hehehe!

Well... there is lots more fun to be had on the beautiful beaches of Nova Scotia...stay tuned tomorrow for more fun in the sun! Love Guinness.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Implant

Guinness here... and look what I spot walking down the street.

Yes, yes..we have all been affected by Groucho's dramatic change. The neighbors are whispering. Rumours are festering. Something just ain't right here... First he dislocates his hip, then becomes a Rap Artist....

...last week he tried to possess Saige...see, look! But it didn't work. His alien powers are waning as he becomes infiltrated into our world.

We think his Superiors are unhappy with his changes and have replaced him with this surrogate. And I know exactly how to deal with this...I am putting an ad in the paper tomorrow, stay tuned.