Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blow-Me-Down: Newfoundland Part 3

Hi! We are Woodland Caribou native to Newfoundland. We prefer to eat the lichens of the barren lands, so these mountainous areas are where you will find us! There are about 100,000 of us in this beautiful province.
And don't be fool by these pictures--they are from a showcase with miniatures-HAHAHA!!! The human girls were trying to trick the human man back home in Nova Scotia. He shipped those girls off with winter boots and parkas. He said there would be snow and freezing temperature and we would see Santa's reindeer. But it was hot and sunny the entire trip so the girls fooled him with these pictures when they got home. So now the gig is up--HeHeHe!!!!

So now Janice and Christa are going to hike in a place called Blow-Me-Down.

Oh yes, and how do you like their new Newfoundland sweaters?
They are going to a waterfall that is fed from way up there on that mountain.

Here it is!

There is no sediment or silt in the water so you can see straight to the bottom. It is about 12 feet deep rigth there in the middle of this pool.

It is hard to see in a picture but the water is absolutely crystal green.

On the way back there is a lovely view of the new autumn colors.There is a lot of inland ocean in Newfoundland as you can see!

See you tomorrow for the last part of the trip!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gros Morne Mountain: Newfoundland Part 2

Hi! We are Rock Ptarmagan--the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador. We are an artic bird and prefer rocky mountain sides and tundra. We live on top of Gros Morne Mountain, one of the highest peaks in Eastern Canada--and that is where the humans are hiking to today! Why don't you come along for the climb...
Well, it was up early for Christa and Janice. It took an hour just to climb to the base of the Mountain. There was a sign that said that it was a leisurely stroll so far (YIKES!) and to turn back if we were not prepared for mountain conditions (OH BOY! THIS WILL BE HARD!)

That is the Mountain that they will climb...

There is another Mountain across from them as they start the climb!

...and now they are about halfway up--you can get very dizzy if you look down.

Christa is way up there. Can you see her? It takes about two hours so far!

Phew! The big climb is done. And now they can see the ocean. Now on to the Summit!

They did it! feels like the top of the world. They are taller than everything around.

And here is a Fjord caused by glacial carving.

The trail goes along the back of the Mountain and swings around back to base camp. Christa points the way.

And they have made it back to base camp after 6 hours. They look up and can see the Mountain they just conquered!

See ya tomorrow for day 3 and a new adventure!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Newfoundland! Part 1: The Tablelands

Yeah, hi. My name is T and I am Saige and Guiness' cousin. I am here to show you around and I am not real happy about it... but since they are not here, I have to do it.

I live here in Newfoundland, Canada. That is Saige and Guinness' uncle Peter and his wife Suzanne.

And here is some of my country.

If you think you want to see the Fjords of Norway...

the Canadian Rockies...

... the Highlands of Scotland...

... the Table Lands of South Africa...don't bother... get it all done at your one stop Province: Newfoundland.

And now Janice and Christa are going to hike the Tablelands, which look more like Arizona than anything else, so you can cross that place off your list too.

These formations were once part of the Earth's Mantle!

The Earth's crust was forced up from the depths during a plate collision several hundred million years ago!

Here is the Earth's mantle exposed. There is very little growth as the rock is mostly Peridote which lacks the nutrients to support most plant life.

There is Christa collecting some of the ancient rock.

But now it is time to go back to camp. And look at that view.

There is Chrsita on the warf at the campsite. But soon she must go to bed...wait 'til you see what they are doing in the morning.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I's the B'y

So, the human girls are going away on a little girls trip. We are staying home with our human Dad. They are going to Canada's most beautiful province. Can you guess from the title where they are going? Well here are some other hints. These are all names of places in the province we will visit:

Dildo, Come-by Chance, Cat Gut, Joe Batt's Arm, Blow-me-Down, Conception Bay, Run-by-Guess...

Now can you guess? It is the province with the strangest names in the world.... but you must figure it out yourself!
Until then, we will leave you with some pictures from the archives. See you when we get back!

Side by Each

Silver, Saige's Sister

In the Fall, we wear vests so hunters don't mistake us for deer!

Ahhhh..finally got my brace out!

South Shore, Nova Scotia

Guinness found a lobster trap!

Helping Christa with her homework!

Blizzard outside! Blizzard inside!

We straightened Guinness' hair! no...just kidding

Loch Ness sighting

Puppy Saige, (6 months) table surfing.

Erica(human mom's sister) with her chihuahua

Puppy Saige. Bandana girls!

Panda. Rest peacefully sweet girl.

Sister Erica with her most gorgeous boy Bullet. Look at those eyes. R.I.P Bullet

Bee in Sunflower

Our first road trip with Guinness. Sweet Puppy Guinness with Christa

First there was just puppy Saige (10 months). Seems strange now...

Cute wolfhound puppies (not mine!)

c'mon--rub my belly--you know you want to!

yes, i am THIS cute!

Two favorite girls.