Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Night Time Story for Nephews. Mark of the Clearing.

Behind the little white housey there is a path.

At that path there is a little set of stairs and a wooded clearing. And do you see, the old dead tree standing off to the left? Look at the very top.  See anything?

 Well that is a SQUIRRELL and he runs all the goings-on in this little clearing!  His name is MARK.   He has a big Mark on him, and not much fur left.  No other animal lives in that clearing.  Only Mark-and he has the battle scars to prove it.

He is hiding now, but if you look close, you may spot him!
You see, he is after these delicious butternuts!  He eats ALL the butternuts and now he is a fat, tattered squirrell.

Can you see all the butternuts Mark has eaten?  They are all over the floor of the clearing.  Can you count them up?

There is a little bowl of granola for Mark.  But JUST little speckles.  It is nice to be friendly, but after ALL the butternuts, he does not need to eat!

But we must be good neighbours!  And Mark likes little treats.  So he says, a little granola now and then is good.  "Forget me NOT" chatters Mark from his stump!