Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deep Thoughts from Guinness

It is Guinness here, resting in the ferns. Here is a story. We went to a place called Lone Pine Farms because the man and the woman who live there use to have Wolfhounds when they were young. They love Irish Wolfhounds very much and asked us to visit.
We do not know why the farm is called "Lone Pine" because there is thousands of Pine trees all lined up in huge rows like a giant maze.

And there were huge lawn. Hmmm... RUN??? Or.....

Rest. Yes, Rest I think. But then we found out these lawns are Landing Strips!

...and look what is in the garage! Saige and I would look great in this Plane with caps and goggles on, don't you think? Hahaha!
But the nice man said he was not allowed to ride this plane anymore because the last person who took it out crashed it in that big Pine Tree Forest. So the wife said if he flew the plane she would divorce him and now it just sits in the garage like a temptuous flirt.

Then our human asked to see the Hatchery ...and LOOK! They hatch thousands and thousands of eggs every night!

And these chicks just hatched. There are a hundred chicks in each container and look at all the hundreds of containers there are!

Then these little chicks are picked up by another farm and they are fed for 36 days. They are the food we get in the stores and restaurants...

It is all kind of sad,really. Or maybe it is not. Who is to say. It certainly brings your thoughts back to the food we eat, where it comes from, the cycle of life and the life other creatures give so that we may live, know what i mean?
I confess I am one of those dogs who like the illusion that meat comes automatically neatly packaged in styrofoam and plastic.. but I know it is an illusion and I do not express faux outrage at the idea that it doesn't.
Personally I think it would do people some good to get a little more up close and personal with the food they eat-I think modern living has allowed us to morally separate ourselves from what happens when meat is produced for our table. But alas, I have rambled on like the deep thinking dog that I am, and our human wants to get going... it is Wing Night at the pub afterall.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Wolfbergers, Mastiffs and Otterhounds!!!!!

Hey! It is Guinness again --and Mango tagged us in this game. We have to post a picture from our pet folder that you haven't seen before and tell you about it. Well, we can't just post one! These beautiful Mastiff puppies are posted just for you Mango-man. They live down the road and here they are last winter--aren't they cute? It is Brogan and King! And now they are huge--but that is a post for a later date.
King and his huge mit!

And here we are making a pinwheel when we were puppies....

And just to cool things off here is Saige as a puppy doing her best impression of Gandalf!

And I had to post this one because, well, I mean look at my face. Let's get serious, am I cute or what? So, what would you rate me out of 10????

And because blogging can take time we would NEVER expect anyone to feel obligated to respond/ comment on all our post --blogging is just for fun, not for stress! So we are opening this fun game to anyone who would like to participate. Until then we would like to tell you about 2 really KEWL blogs you may not know about--please stop in if you have time, we know they would love it.

The first is Rocky and Rosie's blog and they are OTTERHOUNDS!!!! Have you ever heard of this breed---well, they are really rare, like under 1000 Otterhounds in the whole world or something like that. And do you know when Otterhounds take a drink of water they dunk their whole head in the bowl???---hahaha!

And look at this!!! Another Irish Wolfhound in Bloggy land! Cross that with a Leonberger and what do you get? A Wolfberger! Check it out!!!


Guinness reporting from Keji National Park. We are backpacking to one of the Back Country sites!

It is a long 8 km hike and my humans are nervous about my leg. It is 9 months since I broke it.

But we take lots of breaks and stop at many lakes...

And drink out of these red streams. The tannins make all the water at Keji look like Tea.

And here we are with Christa! we finally found our Campsite-- #25!!!!

It is on a nice lake...

Our sister, Christa sleeps in her cute little Outback tent...

Saige tries, but can not fit...

So we sleep outside under the stars with our humans...

I am tired. But don't worry, I am in good shape and just need to rest a little. We do not wear backpacks like some dogs. We are already so big it would be too taxing on our joints. We are not tireless like Border Collies...and we are not as rugged and hardy like Labs.


I am all covered in leaves--hehehe!!!

It was a fun trip and even Saige is ready to go home!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Share Fail

Hey Saige, c've some?

Please Saige? C've a turn???

OK, nevermind then.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guinness, my Irish Stout

Guinness came into our lives at 9 or 10 months. He was a very needy boy who wanted LOTS of attention. Here is the first day he came to live with us...and look how small they both are!

We were very fortunate to get Guinness because wolfhounds do best with other wolfhounds, so having Saige made for a perfect match. She was the best company for Guinness, and he settled in beautifully! He stopped demanding for so much attention and just played with Saige instead, and they tired each other out...then would curl up and sleep, creating an even tighter bond.

And here is your official Cuteness Overload Warning...

And most of these baby pictures are from Scott Kerr at and lucky for us he gave us a chance to re-home Guinness so he did not have to fly back to his Kennel in the USA.

Are you my Mommy?

We were so lucky to have such a GIFT from all the wonderful people that GAVE Guinness to us. We will never forget it.