Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Long Winter of 2015

Guinness here and what a long, horrific winter it has been.

Even Magga-Bearz says you have to be tough to get through a winter like this.  And Maggi is the strongest gal in the whole wide world!
All the Farmers had to make straw bale walls around their barns to keep out the drifts. 
A Farmer's work is never done...
The Horses survived--but yes they all look pretty bedraggled!

And the hens all made it buried in their hatch some how...
Cold calves came into the house to warm up by the fire.  This little girl caused a sensation on my face book page when I posted a video of me licking her down and keeping her warm.  I basically saved her and my video got 3000 views--I am the MOST FAMOUS WOLFIE in the world!

And now little babies can lay in the soft hay. The days are longer-the sun beats down....and soon winter will once again be a distant memory. And we learn every always hold out a hope.  We appreciate the good the bad, the crunchy and the smooth...just like peanut butter.  Peace to Guinness.