Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Long Haul

 *YAWN*  Winter can be such a drag...

 Everything is still as bone.

 But come to think of it, just in February alone I have been on some very pretty walks...

 And I have had some fun times with silly little Mags!  Hehehe look at her!

 And she got to walk on the lake! Remember?

 And we hiked up to the cabin and had a cozy fire too!

 And come to think of it, we went out to the ocean just last weekend 

  We aren't even through the month yet and I did ALL THAT!  SHEESH...I better take a minute here and catch up on my sleep!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marching to my Doom and Mango Minster Mayhem

 Guinness here.  Well thanks to no one's help in securing a Mango Minster win I am here awaiting the inevitable.

 I bring Maggi along as a witness--although that won't do much good given her myopic condition and all.  But I appreciate the moral support if nothing else.

 Truthfully, we both forfeited our own Mangominster entry this year in hopes to prop up Groucho.  Ha!  Look where that got me!

 I tell Groucho to meet me down the Shore Road. Here he comes. I figured that the Ocean would be the best place to tell him.  If he tries any of his alien moves on me at least I have one last escape route.  I could jump ship and swim over to Maine.  I figured I could volunteer with the Ron Paul Campaign and help with the vote recount if nothing else.

 Well here he is and I see he has brought along his nose.

 There is no best way to do this so I just go right ahead and tell him the facts.  I blurt it all out.

 Well the strangest thing happened.  Groucho went into a cackling fit and laughed and laughed and laughed.  He started doing his stupid yoga poses again-- as you can see.

 Groucho tells me to come sit down like some wizen old scholar.  He said he is a new alien now.  He said he has ventured into inner worlds and probed the deep spaces of his mind.  What the ????!!!

 He said our main enemy is ignorance and AWARENESS is our only defence.
If only we studied in infinitesimal detail the light that embodies all life then the template of the universe would be revealed.  Holy Crap.

 Groucho said next year he will be the Guidance Councillor for Mangominster and help all the competitors deal with their obvious self image problems.

 We  head back up the lane.  Groucho leads the way with an ethereal air about him.  It all sounds good to me.

...and I walk away with my life...safe for another year!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Weatherman

 Hi, Guinness here--look at Maggi.  She is happy because we are at the Lake.

 Yeah--I had to come up for some important weather observations.

 You see Maggi's confusion?  It is because the lake is frozen.  She doesn't understand why she can walk on top of the water all of a sudden.  Haha...will have to record this in the weather log...

 We head up the road to the cabin.  Well well well...  This marks our first winter at the cabin where we could actually drive up.  But we walk instead.  Better way to make observations you know.

 Look at all the tree beards I see.  This indicates a warm, early spring.  Must record that in the log...

 When we arrive at the camp, Maggi and I note record low snow levels.  No shoveling to get through the door this winter.  Must mark that down...

 The mercury hovers just at the zero mark.  Quite mild for the dead of winter if my memory serves me correctly...

 My efforts are well rewarded with a peanut butter apple.  Here I am eating that apple in the snow.  CRUNCH CRUNCH GULP SMACK  AHHHH!

And that is my weather report for this year.  A quick warm up by the fire and then we wait and see how my predictions play out.  Til next time--love Guinness

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Bull

 Meet Johnny


This is his Wife

 ...and this is his boy...

And that's NO BULL