Thursday, January 24, 2013


Guinness here having fun in the snow...

 You know--sometimes when I am out all by myself, I could swear there is someone with me...
and when I turn to look...I could almost swear I catch a glimmer of something from days gone by.

And when I run into problems...

 It somehow seems there is a guiding paw...

...making sure I am on the right path.

I sniff around...I see nothing.  But it is almost as though someone is right there beside me.

and sometimes I catch a skiff of snow blowing in the wind....

...and I wonder.  I just wonder....

 if there isn't someone keeping me company after all...

Call me crazy.  But it is a comforting thought either way.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Double Dreaming

Hi!  It's Mags!  Look at this!  What is going on here?
Am I dreaming or something?  This can't be real!  We'll if i AM dreaming--might as well make the most of it!

Look!  It is Guinness!  Is he dreaming too?
Guinness is so happy! Is this some kind of double dream?
Well, as long as we are together, we will milk this dream as long as we can!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Christmas Story--for Oliver

Oh Hi--it's Guinness.  Can you see me hiding in the snow?  There has not been much to report on these tiresome winter days.

So I thought this would be a good time to tell you about our Christmas wagon ride.

Actually--this is a story for my little human nephew pup, Oliver!  He lives over and Newfoundland, but kept asking about the story of the wagon ride.

Well, I thought I would show him that day in C'MON!  what are you waiting for...let's go!

So here we are on the day of the tractor ride!  Everyone is coming over to our house we better get ready!  But first.... KNOCK KNOCK....hey who is that?

It is Grammy!  She is here to help get ready.  She is making delicious meatballs.  He he he, as usually, Grammy spills some on her shirt...doesn't she wear them well?

Oh NO!  Little piggy Maggi can not resist the savory smell coming frome the kitchen.  She tries to EAT the meatballs!  (smack, gulp, licky lick, CRUNCH!)

Poor Maggi.  She has to wait outside the kitchen.  No meatballs for her!

Grammy is finished helping.  She goes home.  BUT LOOK!  Look what has arrived!  The tractor and a wagon...filled will soft hay to sit on.  OH!  it is going to be so fun!

Well...I make sure I see Grammy safely to the car.  And see.. there is a soft pattering of snow falling gentle from the sky.  All that nice snow will be perfect for the wagon ride tonight!

We take a little break. Then we make a big pot of SWEET, CREAMY mint hot everyone will have something warm to drink on the wagon!

Later that night the people starts arriving!  Everyone is bundled up and dressed for a cold Canadian Christmas adventure!

Soon the house is packed.  Everyone is WHOOPING and WOOING, excited for the wagon ride to start!

And then, Clayton comes in and says like a boss "EVERYONE OUTSIDE AND UP ON THE WAGON! UP ON THE HAY BALES!  SCRAMBLE SCRAMBLE!"
And so all the people climb up the ladder and onto the squishy hay bales. everyone covers up under warm blankets with steamy mugs of hot chocolate in their hands. 
But look!  We are being shooed back into the house.  We can not go on the ride.  We can not climb up the ladder.  We have to stay inside.  That is ok.  I have to guard the food anyways.  The HOUSE, I mean.  I have to guard the HOUSE!

Everyone has found a seat on the hay.  But wait.  Who is that standing up?  Who is it Oliver...can you see?  Why it's GRAMPS!  What is he saying?  LISTEN!  "C'mon Oliver, c'mon!  Sneaky on up here!  There is a spot on the hay right beside me!'

Quick Oliver!  Scamper on up and snuggle in by Grampy!

VROOM VROOM!  The Tractor LURCHES, and SPUTTERS and GROWLS!  Everybody SCREAMS!  and LAUGHS!  HAHA!  Off the tractor goes down the road, sputtering and bumbling through the Town!

Everybody brings bells! RING RING DING A LING! We sing Christmas carols through the streets.  Everyone stops and waves at us.  They say " MERRY CHRISTMAS!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!"

We go by this house...and guess who is in the window--want to peaky peak?

LOOK!  IT'S TEDDY!  He is sure happy to see us!  Isn't he cute Oliver?

Whose house is this?  We go up and down the streets and see all the pretty Christmas lights!

And just when everyone's nose and cheeks turn as red as beets we are finally back home again.  Can you see me peeking?  I am trying to get my human to get down off the wagon!

And woops!  Maggi runs into Grammy and almost knocks her down.  Ha!  Silly Maggi!

Back at the house there is lots of food to eat.

And one of our friends poses for a picture with Maggi.  But....someone dropped a meatball right at the same time...

and *YAWN*  it was a long tiring day. zzzzzz.  I hope you enjoyed the hay ride Oliver!  It was ZZZZZZZ  so nice to spends some YAAWWWWN time with you....Love Guinnesssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Glimmers of Hope

Guinness here.  It is winter in the valley.  The sun has been short with us these days.

But the sun is showing off today...

But not for long. Plop--over the horizon she goes...and so we must be patient and wait for longer, warmer days.

But they will come.  That is for certain...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013