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Smoke Signals from the NORTH MOUNTAIN

Guinness here. Uh oh. There are wisps of smoke coming off the NORTH MOUNTAIN. I think it is a smoke signal from Groucho.

I think Groucho is in danger and needs some help getting off the mountain. It is going to have to be a rescue mission.

I climb the mountain. It is the only way. GULP. I find Groucho and it is worse than I feared. He is crumpled in a heap by the stone shelter he was trying to build.

Groucho raises his head. He looks at me like I am some great apparition standing before him. He knows he has been saved.

Look at Groucho. He is starved and dehydrated. I shove food and water down his gullet.

Groucho is starting to come around now. He is happy to see me. He said he was living off a diet of fried squirrel and boiled underpants. He wants to come home now.

With the promise of a warm bed and a hot meal Groucho springs up and starts heading down the mountain.

On the way down he regales me with stultifying tales of the NORTH MOUNTAIN. He shows me all the strange places he has been and tells of the strange mountain folk.

We finally make it down off the mountain. Groucho is tired.

He starts to lag behind. Now I am worried.

Just in time we find Groucho's pimpmobile.

He climbs into his little nook and goes home. That is the end of the adventure on the NORTH MOUNTAIN.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Perfect Sort of Day

Guinness here. Some days have it all.

Look! We are watching our human dad haying. It is one of our favorite past times!

Up and down the field he goes. Back and forth, back and forth. It is nice just to sit and watch.

But look. Maggi hears something. It seems she knows and hears the sound before we do...

It is our human sister! She was coming home from work and saw us from the highway. Maggi recognized the sound of her car slowing down!

We go NUTS! We LOVE our human sister!

And she really loves us too--can you tell?

My human sister is tired from working a 12 hour shift. Good thing I know the remedy--a slobbery wet kiss from me!

I don't think this day could get any better!

And I think Maggi would agree!

But now our human sister leaves and there is someone else coming up the field!Ha! It is Groucho's human.

She needs to borrow some keys.

I go to her truck but Groucho is not in his nook. He is still trapped up on the NORTH MOUNTAIN.

Now we go home. But I do not mind. It was a perfect day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Guinness with angel wings
An Angel in the Angelica

Monday, July 18, 2011

Love is Everywhere... just have to look for it ;-)

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Stone Circle

Oh hi! It is Guinness. I am glad you all liked my tartan cape. I belong to CLAN RANALD, in case you didn't know.

It can get really cold up here in the Highlands of Scotland.

But today it is hot! Really HOT! After my photoshoot I take my cape off.

Ah! That is much better. Sure wish I was laying on cool Scottish beach right now. Hmmm I wonder what happens if I walk through the circle of stones....



WHAT THE????? Where am I???

AH HA! So THAT'S how they work!