Monday, January 31, 2011

Maggi's Field of Dreams

Oh hi. It's just Guinness here. Look at Maggi.

Hehehe! She has been running up to the farm. Well, you know what they say...a tired dog is a HAPPY dog! You can see Maggi run free here:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Storm Day!

Guinness here! Thank you everyone for all support on the blog. We love reading the comments, some made us laugh and some made us cry. It is so neat that we can all connect through cyber space. And look! Yesterday was a storm day--hehehe! We all take the day off and cuddle in!
It seems Maggi has been with us forever. Look at her! She is SO happy to live here with us. We forget that she is blind because she acts just like a normal hound. I thought I would have to be her eyes but she walks around looking for love and cuddles and I can just sleep as per normal....zzzzzzzz. Oops, sorry....where was I...

Maggi is an unbelievable girl. Her adaptablility and acceptance of new things around her is astounding. She is so resilient. But mostly, she is KIND and sweet, and wants love all the time!

Hehehe! This scene looks strangely familiar, doesn't it!

We can tell that Maggi knows she is home. She has settled right in. She LOVES it here so much. Our family feels complete again, and that little empty hole in our hearts has been filled. And look at the video below! When my human sister stops patting Maggi, look what
Maggi does--hehehe!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bringing Maggi Home

Hi! It is Guinness! Maggi is home! What an adventure it was, but first thank you to all the people who worked so hard to bring this girl to us. We know there is a collective sigh across Canada now that Maggi is finally home! And here she is...a tired, but happy girl.

She looks a lot like me, eh? I am not sure how you will tell us apart--HaHa! Maggi came from a bad situation then she was fostered in several places from Alberta and Ontario. She has been in many different foster homes and travelled nearly from coast to coast through the second biggest country in the world. Poor Maggi, Just when she got settled in one home, she was shipped off to another, even though her Fosters loved her and wanted the best for her, it is hard to understand when you are a dog. And she is completely blind, so you can imagine how utterly terrified she must have been. No human could handle the changes she went through, and after all that she is a loving, kind, sweet girl.

Look at the van. My humans had to travel 15 hours to Montreal to pick her up. My human Dad packed so much and my human Mom was really mad. They had enough provisions for a week. But my human dad likes to OVER prepare in case there is a storm and he might have to rescue people or save the World or something like that. Cindy, from the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Committee, Maggi, and Katherine-- Maggi's foster mom, were driving from Ontario to meet us in Montreal.

The roads were terrible once the humans hit northern New Brunswick. It was just so cold that when you blink your eyes your lids freeze together for a split second. They had to get a hotel the first night because their sleeping bags were only rated for -20, and it was -37 outside. A hot bath and a warm bed was just fine with my human Mom!

When they get to Montreal everyone is meeting at Huguette's house. It is a nice place for everyone to meet and get to know Maggi. Thank you Huguette! We get to meet Huguette's Irish Wolfhounds....

And Earl Grey! Hehehe!

...and two adorable Irish Wolfhound puppies!

Aren't they cute? They are 9 weeks old and the size of labradors--hehehe!

...and uh oh...what is going on here?

Is my human dad going to go home with one of these puppies? Hehehe!

And now Maggi comes in and this is the first time the humans get to finally meet their new girl.

Of course Maggi is scared because she is in a new place AGAIN and has to map it out. She uses her nose and her scruff to map out a room. All the smells and sounds are new and strange. She has already travelled for hours and hours, and now she must travel all the way home to Nova Scotia.

Too bad there is not some way to let Maggi know she is going to her forever home.

Katherine has been fostering Maggi. She loves her very much. It is so hard to say goodbye and let poor Maggi go somewhere new again. Everyone just hopes and prays it is the best thing for Maggi.

Maggi did not fuss the whole way home. My human mom sat in the back and cuddled and comforted her. It was so cold my human dad just drove and drove and drove. Maggi got 4 stops and never complained once.

Everyone loves Maggi right away. She tries to sit on everyone. She mapped out the house and had it down pat in five minutes. Maggi bumps into everything. She has a hard head and a sweet heart. She is just so KIND. It is amazing how well she adapts to new people and new surroundings.

There was some issues with Maggi's food. She can not free feed. Because she has known starvation she will eat and eat and eat. She was posessive of her food and snapped at me. She was aggressive towards me when we were excited for our walkie and in a tight area. My human mom called the Zen Godmother of cats and dogs in Nova Scotia, Janet. Janet helped my human mom and let her cry. She told her some good tricks. She also said everyone is still cranky and tired, so imagine how cranky and tired Maggi would be! time to go back to bed!...And within 12 hours things had changed so much my human couldn't believe she over reacted so much.

We think Maggi is going to be the perfect fit. We would like to thank Cindy again and EVERYONE else who was involved in bringing Maggi home! We are once again, The Splorin Wolfie"S" !!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beside me now Beneath Me

I have been lonely these days. At the time of this posting, my humans will be in Montreal picking me up a new sister. She is a 4 years old, blind Irish wolfhound. She came from a horrible situation of animal hoarding and breeding with 80 other dogs. The entire 4 years with Saige were the same 4 years that Maggi lived-- except one hound had a dream life and the other had a bad life. Now it is our turn to give Maggi the life she deserves, and it is our hope that she will pick of where Saige left off, and Saige would love that.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Check it!

Hi! It is Guinness reporting from last summer. I needed to warm up a bit after all those winter pictures. I want to tell you about my Labradoodle friend Sophie! She has a fantastic blog with delicious pictures of Nova Scotia and all her splendor. I mean, really really beautiful pictures, not just the point and click junk like my human. Please go see for yourself!

And look! My friend Parsley wrote about me in her CUTE BLOG! Don't you think her Labradoodle, Molly, is an honorary wofhound? Thanks guys! Bye for now! Love Guinness

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Series of Fortunate Events!

It is Guinness--wait til you hear this one. Remember a while back when I posted about Dot and her dog Kesha?

Well get this. A few days later my human got an e-mail from Sally in Kentucky! This is Sally. She said Kesha came from her kennel in Kentucky and Dot is her best friend!

And this is Dot, remember? My human wrote to Sally and asked how on earth she fould that blog post? Sally said Dot was in the bank and someone told her they saw her on my Blog. Then Dot told Sally and they found it together. And they laughed about it on Yahoo. Dot in Nova Scotia and Sally in Kentucky!

My Human did not think anyone in her Town read or even knew about the blog. She wondered who would have told Dot she was on my Blog. Then she put two and two together...

Who works at the Bank that would tell Dot she was on my Blog? OF COURSE!!! GROUCHO'S HUMAN! Well that explains everything--hahaha!

So then my human wrote back to Sally and Sally wrote back to my human and everyone had a good laugh. Sally said if she ever came to Nova Scotia she would stop in to meet us Splorin Wolfies!

And then next week Groucho's human was working at the bank and someone comes up to her wicket, of all the wickets there. They want to change their American dollars. It is Sally from Kentucky.

That night Groucho's human tells my human and they both fall on the floor laughing. They kept saying "Someday when I come to Nova Scotia--ummm..LIKE NEXT WEEK!????!!!!" HaHaHa!!

That night we all walk down to Dot's house to meet Sally. She talks really funny! And everyone was laughing. Sally's son works for the airline so Sally can fly cheap and on a wim. She came down to see Dot and microchip Kesha. She said she would microchip Groucho and Groucho sat down and looked straight ahead, terrified-like.

The next day we went out for our walk. We even met them again on the trails. It is such a good story I had to share it with you. And so many things had to fall in place to make that story come full circle. If even just one of those things didn't happen we never would have met Sally.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just a Good 'Ol Boy!

Guinness here! I have been encouraged to enter into MangoMinster is the biggest on-line dogshow out there.

So I hope there is still a few spots left in the Good Ol' Boy category. Everyone always tell me "Guinness, you're such a good 'ol boy"! So here is my humble submission.

I am always up for a great adventure! Ready when you are!

And I am ALWAYS there for my people. They rely on me for warmth and support.

I ALWAYS have my barn chores done right up good!
I check the horses....

I check on the cows...

And the calves too!
I also watched over THE ALIEN when no one else knew what he was....

I am just your all around GOOD OL' BOY!