Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vick and Vodka

Hi there, this is Saige,... Happy Canada everyone... I have a special story to tell you today that I think you would like to hear!

Our horse Vodka needs some company.

So our humans went to Long Island off the coast of Digby to pick up Vick. Digby is the last town in the Annapolis Valley.

Long Island and Brier Island are two small Island communities and you must to take the Car Ferry to get to them. And the Ferry leaves Long Island on the HALF hour and leaves the Mainland on the HOUR. But look! Here comes the ferry! HAHA! The man who is selling us the horse is also the Captain of the Ferry so he told his crew to watch for us and sneak an extra trip! The ferry ride is 5 minutes to the Island.

Long Island is famous for the Balancing Rock.

And here is a picture of Digby Neck and Long Island --and see Brier Island tucked right in behind it... that tiny little piece on the tip? So if you live on Brier Island you must be QUICK with your schedule to get to the mainland because you would have to catch 2 ferries! And it is tricky -- you can't make any stops, just drive right through Long Island!

We got to the farm and the nice family. The little girl could be on a postcard.

Everything is quaint and slow.

The little girl said that all the pack mules have a Cross on their back because they carried Mary to Bethlehem.

The boy was funny and when a plane flew by overhead he pointed up to the sky and said "LOOK! CIVILIZATION!" HEE HEE HEE!

And there is Vick and we are loading him up to catch the boat back!

He is a big Belgian work horse.

And here comes the Fog rolling in!

But this time there is no special treatment and we must wait for the ferry. It is like going on the Oprah show or being a trashy guest on Jerry Springer where they fly you in on first class but send you home in a taxi. HAHAHA!!!! Just kidding.

And now Vick is settled in his new home. Hope you enjoyed that adventure!


  1. What a grand adventure! And now Vodka has a pal. That is important so that they can discuss private horse things together.


  2. Vodka is very pretty but we love your new belgian pal too.

  3. wow vick is a real looker so is vodka - great they have company

    momma says we look like little horses - especially woodrow

    woodrow sweetie mj

  4. Wow, for me, that was amazing but for my cousin Orielle, horses scare her. I love horses!


  5. We loved following your adventure - great trip and what a great horse! We loved the pictures - it is lovely to get a glimpse of your world.
    It was our turn to laugh at you guys over at the wedding - very smart!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  6. Wooo That was cool. Great shots and a new horsie too! I love seeing all of the scenery shots.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. We really enjoyed reading about your trip to collect Vick. Magnificent scenery and that was an amazing rock!!

    lots of woofs

  8. What incredible pictures! That balancing rock is really beautiful!
    Welcome home, Vick!
    Tail wags,

  9. Loved the mule story. My Mom said her family came from Digby.

    Diego Dog

  10. Lots of things to love in this post! I am mostly glad Vick and Vodka are mates now and will keep each other company.

    I am trying to talk my Mom into getting me some pup for company but so far its not working.


  11. Oh love horsies, especially those "pressies" they leave behind, if I can ever get to them before mom pulls me away hehe! Lovely animals! Hope they are enjoying each others' company! And lovely story by the way - thanks for the maps to help me figure it all out!
    Hugs xo

  12. Hi you two - what a great post! And we admit we agree with Golden Samantha - horse 'offerings' are super yummy, he he!! ¦D By the way, you two look AMAZING at Scooby and Lady's wedding - super-wow! Snuggles - JD and Max.

  13. Now they are going to be horsing around! Haa!
    Sure it was an adventure going there to get Vick!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. How long as that rocky been there balancing like that... WOW super cool (mom said). I think it looks fun fun fun to go on that ferry thing.. I'd probably freak out and jump off though. BOL.. Saige you are furry pretty girlfriend.. and Vodka is going to be so happy to have a new friend I bet...

  15. Oh.. and I have to give all the credit to Jen, Riptide and Tempest @ WWW.SANDIEGODOGBEACH.COM if it wasn't for her posting the article about Stella ~ I'd never have known..

    Great day & Happy 4th of July - hope you dont get too skrrd from the sounds.. :)
    Bell girl

  16. What a fantastic adventure thanks for taking us along. Vick looks reallt nice. I hope to hear about Vodka and Vick adventures.

  17. Happy Canada to you too (belated), and to Vick and Vodka. Mom especially likes the name of the horse, probably because she esp. likes vodka. Grey Goose, to be exact.

    I didn't realize you pups were Canadian. What a nice surprise!


  18. Love the names Vick and Vodka!!!!

    XOXO your wrinkle friends!

  19. Oh, what a lovely story...and you guys live in such a fascinating place - I always love learning more about it!


  20. You guys have the best adventures!

  21. Oh I can't believe it! I thought Wolf hounds were the biggest thing out there! My human went to the Calgary Stampede and said they had Belgian horses there and that they were the size of houses...but I thought she was trying to joke with me! :) Have fun with your new friend...

    Wags and tummy rubs,