Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Farming and Fashion

Guinness here. Sigh. Look at all this hay my human dad still has to pull off the field.

Where is he anyways? Maybe I can help. Can you see him?

AH Ha! there he is! OH BOY!

It is a hard job being a farmer. You can do all your chores but then there is ALWAYS more chores to do. A farmer is never really ever done his work.

But now winter is coming. And it is a "fashion faux pas" to have hay on your fields this time of year. My human Dad doesn't want the other farmers to see all the hay left on his fields. There he goes. Load after load after load!

...Until there is only one bale left!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hills are Alive

Oh hi, It's just Guinness. I am here at Groucho's HouseO. He wants me to help him with his audition for "The Sound of Music". He is trying for the role of Fraulein Maria.

We go through some test runs. But Groucho says the setting isn't authentic enough. He doesn't FEEL the part.

We take it outside and I must admit the difference in his attitude is astounding!

Groucho--you go run around like Fraulein Maria and I will judge you....

There he goes. I thought it was pretty good but Groucho says the air is too dry. Well go warm up your vocal chords then. SHEESH!
Mi Mi Mi Mi. So So So So......LaLaLaLa.......

Doe Doe Doe Doe. Ti Ti Ti Ti ...a drink with jam and bread, La ...a note to follow So....

Ok, Ok. That should be good, for Pete's sake Groucho. Now, run down that hill and try again.

Oh. There he goes. Hehehe, the little ratty. " The Hills are Alive...da da dee da dum!"

What's that? You are parched from the running? Oh. is your personal assistant with your herbal tea. OH BROTHER!

Ok. Ok. Let's try something else. You go over that way and run and jump around. Try to support your notes a little better....stop singing through your nose so much.

Not bad, Not bad. It was a little pitchy for me, but you did your thing dawg.

What the? Oh great. He is up to his old tricks now. GROUCHO!!! You CAN NOT LEVITATE UP In THE TREES FOR YOUR AUDITION. It will freak the judges out totally!!!! GET DOWN!

JUST STAY RIGHT THERE. Now, try singing your part. No funny stuff.

What's that? You are going? You want to go home now?

Well that is just great. That figures. He has the attention span of a gnat. Tell me...anyone... How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Guinness here. Sometimes I can not believe I live in such a beautiful place.
Out here, the sky seems so...BIG!

And you can find a LOOOONG trail...and walk to the END of the Earth!

...Or...Meander through a HUGE field!

...take a run through the VAST meadows!

See look! Everything is so BIG! Hehe! HONK HONK! Haha! But now I am going to Gramps house...

...And there is something SMALL there, and even more beautiful....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Island Hopping!

Guinness here and look! We saw on the map that there was a nearby Lake with an old road that ran RIGHT THOUGH the Lake from island to island to island. We couldn't believe that someone would build a road like this--why not just go around the Lake? We had to check it out!

We get there and sure enough! See the Lake on both sides of me?

And that road goes from island............SPROIIIIIIIING.............. island..................


....TO ISLAND!!!!!!
And there is no one, or no thing ON these islands!

And you can go down and explore all the little beaches ....

.....and see all sorts of interesting things!

Or pick a little island all for yourself and name it Guinness Island!

And from THESE little islands you can even get to other little islands if you are sneaky enough...

hehehe....see how you could island hop over there ? I see a way!

And then there was this strange Island sticking way up like this.... what kind of Island do you suppose this was? I couldn't find it on the map....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

America's Next Dog Model

Just Groucho here going over some angles with Guinness--my phoDOGropher.

Oh. Haven't you heard? I am auditioning for America's Next Dog Model. Yeah. You have to know all sorts of poses.

And then there is the close-ups too. Don't bother telling me how handsome I am.

It's as clear as the nose on my face.