Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saige comes home for Christmas

Guinness here at the keyboard today! And look who came all the way from California. Remember our friends Doug and Waveney who visited us from California? Well Waveney took some of Saige's fur and a piece of her scarf and crafted our very own mini Saige! Now she will be on our tree every Christmas.

Saige loved to hide UNDER trees....until she got too big....

...and pulled all the ornaments off them!

There is nothing like a good cuddle under the Christmas tree!

....or a good ol' Splore in the wild, winter woods. Thank you dear friends for giving us a little piece of Saige to have forever.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Guinness here. There was a torrential wind storm in the Annapolis Valley. No one has seen anything like it. Transport trucks flipped over on the highways, power was out, and trees fell down like matchsticks.

And this tree fell down in our driveway! Good thing the cars were out front!

Now we are driving up to Crick Hollow to check on the little cabin. We are scared. It doesn't look good.

...... Oh oh.

The tree scuffed the front of the camp. Another few feet and it would have flattened it completely!

I guess someone out there was keeping watch over the camp after all, huh?

We have to cut up the tree so we can get in the cabin.

Good thing my human brought the chain saw!

I help move all the brush to the brush pile.

Well, we will have lots of fire wood this year....

Monday, December 20, 2010

GrouchO's Christmas Party

Guinness here. Groucho invited me over for his Christmas party. Come along if you want.

As soon as I arrive I immediately proceed to his food dish and eat everything as per normal.

Then Groucho takes me in to show me his wooden shoes. That is what Santa will fill for him on Christmas Eve. He does not hang up a stocking because he is a Dutch Canadian Afghan Alien.

I told him there is enough stockings in his house anyways.

Groucho says now we are going to watch a movie. He said I had two choices. The Sound of Music or Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I told Groucho HE had two choices. Pick another movie or I go home. We settle on E.T.

After the movie it is time to exchange presents! Look how excited Groucho seems.

Groucho gives me a batch of his World Famous Clown Sauce. It makes everything taste funny. You've probably had some yourself and didn't even know what it was. Very nice Groucho, thank you.

When I give Groucho his gift he falls over. It is an Alien pin-up calendar. He loved it. You can watch him freak out in the video. Thanks for the rocking good time Groucho. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Christa Love Guinness

Guinness here. You remember my human sister Christa who lives in the attic upstairs? She had a real bond with Saige. Well, I was searching the archives and found this old video and pictures.

And since she has never seen these before, I thought for I would surprise her for Christmas! Hey sister? Sometimes a little tear is ok, especially when it comes with that big smile I know you'll have. Love Guinny-Bear.

The Fox and the Hound

Guinness here. I was out for my walk and who do I meet but my ol' pal Dot. She is a wildcat from down the road. She is always 4 wheeling, fishing and hunting and looking for a man that can cook. And this is Keisha, her rabbit hound! She is so cute!

My human knows Dot from way back. One time when she was a little girl and was sneaking in Dot's back yard trying to see her hunting dogs. Well Dot came out of the shed with her gun. She said "Get out of here or I'll boil your bones for supper." My human ran screaming all the way home and almost crapped her pants.

But now they laugh about that story. And Dot and Keisha are out training. She gets to ride in this little compartment built especially for her!

Oh don't be sad! Keisha LOVES it and she has a great life. She gets to do all the things that hounds love to do...hunt, fish and be outdoors in the fresh air. Dot always loves her dogs and treats them very well! Watch for yourself and you will see what I mean. Happy Hunting!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Guinness here and GACK! LOOK! It is my human's beautiful friend Chrystal and my buddy Brogan! He is my splorin Wolfie Pal from the North. OH YEAH! REP-RE-SENT!!!!

Chrystal wanted an Irish Wolfhound all her life. And she researched the breed for years and asked all sorts of questions. And that is called RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERSHIP!

Brogan is 11 months now and here he is waiting for his next adventure to begin! I wonder where he is going?

WEll, where ever it is, I hope Chrystal takes him soon because he is kinda going beserky.

AH HA! Looks like Brogan and Chrystal got their air-conditioning after all! Brogan is in his back yard.

It's true. He has this great white tundra all to himself right out the door.
WOOSH! Chrystal said all the roads have turned to ice, so people mostly snowmobile everwhere. So it is hard to get things like vegetables and fruit. They are always expired and very, very expensive. Like 35 dollars for some oranges.

See the sky? It is 2 o'clock in the afternoon and this is the most light that there will be. But in the summer, it will be light all day... with no night!

Brogan wants to show you the light he has to wear.

Back inside, the humans have to thaw their feet out on the heater. But Brogan thaws his feet out on his humans. Hehehe!