Thursday, March 29, 2012

Groucho's Naked Human

Guinness here...found this nice little knoll to curl up in!  Had to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while...know what I mean? Sometimes a guy's just gotta have some down time. 

What the...???!!!  Who is that coming down the lane.  OH BROTHER!  How did he find me way down here?

It is Groucho Alien and he brought along his equally strange human.

Um... I can't help but notice that Groucho's human has forgotten to put her pants on  today.

Good grief..who the heck dresses like that out here in the country?

 I ask Groucho what is up with his human but he is embarrassed.  He pretends he does not hear me.  So he just sit there...him and his nose.

Groucho says he is just another accessory for his human, like a handbag or a new pair of shoes.  He said he is having trouble balancing city and country life.  He came down here to tell us he is having a wine and cheese party this afternoon but maybe we shouldn't come by.  It might embarrass him if we showed up while the city folk were there.

Groucho is torn.  We all sit around for a bit saying nothing at all.  Groucho whimpers around trying to get us to feel sorry for him.

Then with a near strangulation tug on his leash his human says it is time to go.  They have to go get ready for the party.

Oh.  Good- Bye, Groucho.  

I settle back into my nook.  But somehow... things don't seem so peaceful and quiet anymore..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maggi's Grievance

Maggi here, reporting from the farm!
 Do you know what my human said about me????

 I heard him say I was nothin' but an ol' waste of fur!  ;-)

But I don't think he really meant it...

 Do you?


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mother Nature is not Really the Boss

 Guinness here.  These days have been beautiful and warm!  Mother Nature has been kind to us.

 But I know better than to trust her.  Tomorrow it could be snowing and blowing again if she sees fit.  You have to watch that old Mother Nature.  She likes to keep you on the straight and narrow...make sure you don't get toooo spoiled. HRUMPHHH!

 Well, I've been thinking.  There is someone that TRUMPS Mother Nature, you know.  She does not like to admit it.  But it is true.  She can not make a deal with this guy.  No sir--not even Mother Nature.  Can you guess who it is?  Do you want me to tell you his name?

Father Time

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Story You Will Not Forget

 Guinness here and I have a very special story to tell you!

 Here is Maggi... and a few days ago we were out for a walk in a field that she knows well.

   You know, when Maggi first came to stay, the humans thought the splorin days were over.  How would a blind dog cope...a blind dog that lived on a 10 foot chain for 4 years.  Certainly she would need a special harness, a custom made walker perhaps? Head gear, special commands, clicker training...  But  Maggi did not want ANY of that.  So badly she wanted to be a normal dog.

 So the humans gave her a chance to try freestyle and have not looked back since.  It is remarkable really...or maybe it is not. Perhaps humans are just so short sighted themselves that they can not think of life beyond their own reality.  Who knows. 

 Maggi just listens for her cues and goes about her business.  A gentle  "Careful Mag, careful" will slow her down to a cautious walk... but a  sharp "CAREFUL MAG CAREFUL" will stop her dead in her tracks.  Any words will work.  It is all in the tone.  So simple.  Mind you, there have been bumps and bumbles--but Maggi has weighed out her risk it seems-- and has opted for freedom.

And so now comes the special part of the story.  Maggi LOVES to run.  She loves the freedom of the wind in her face as all dogs do.  Only when Maggi runs, she has to hold back a bit.  She has to keep a sharp ear for quick stops, and she modifies her run-- kicking out with her front legs first in order to protect her face.

But not this time boy oh boy!  Maggi got a strange look in her if she was calculating something in her head...and she RAN.   She took her chanceLike a glorious bird in flight she RAN...with her head strained forward and feet tearing up the ground beneath her.  She ran like a hound on the hunt--with the joy of life upon her face.  Our jaws dropped--one quick picture and the camera was forgotten--for what a sight to witness.

 What ever risk Maggi must have weighed out in her mind it was worth it for her.  And you know...for so long the humans felt so sorry for Maggi, that she was blind and could not see.  But it is not important that Maggi is blind.  It is instead important that she lives to have many, many more moments like this one.

And here she is everyone--Maggi--taking her Blind Leap of Faith.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012


 i could walk for miles and miles
with the veil of mist on my face
 and the hands of the wind in my hair
and my feet so light
i could go anyplace
 with the roads of the hills around
 and the paths of the woods ahead
 and a few stray stars to light,
i could whistle my way alone

to the end of the world tonight.