Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh Autumn!

Guinness here reporting from the Crick hollow.

Maggi met a bear in the woods!

He smelled the fudge brownie baking in the woods!

And we still remember Saige and her tree...

..and some how after all these years...

you will still find me in my hole...

Where I have been for nearly 8 years...

I am enjoying the Autumn of my life.  Love Guinness.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Senior Moment

Oh Hi--it's Guinness.  I love these late summer evenings. 

Lately, I have been pulling some stunts.  I am really extra stubborn-- now that I am a senior--I am pretty set in my ways.

Can you spot me AND Maggi in this picture?

I have been enjoying my days--but I am no longer much of a SPLORIN wolfie.  More like a STAYING Wolfie! 

That is fine with me--gotta take time to smell the flowers.

But now it is time to go.  Here is where my stunts begin.  I never want to leave.  I start a plan in my mind and find my diversion.

Usually that means running away from the vehicle to delay going home.  It is a drama I create every night.  Now I run away to the middle of the field.  I do not hear anyone calling my name.  La la la... just out here minding my business.  Cant hear you.

My human has to come get me.  Oh hi there, nice to see you-- is it time to go? 

Maggi is patient--she waits by the car.  Eventually we get home.  But I make sure I slip in these senior moments every day now.  Makes life more exciting.   Bye for now--love Guinness.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Imposter

 Oh hi.  Guinny here laying in the sun. And when I get home..

I Find this guy has moved in!

Who is this imposter and what have they done with the real Guinness?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reflections by the River

Let's go down to the River

 While Life passes by

Let's sit on the banks--and not think of "why".

Friday, May 2, 2014

Guinness Works Hard at the Farm

 Oh hi--Guinness reporting from the country.  I am hard at work you see.

 We are moving all the cows to the nice green pastures.  So I am busy.

But don't worry about me too much.  If I get tired I go curl up beside Maggi in the hay and take a nap.  See you guys next time.  Love from Guinness.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Damage Control

Guinness here on damage control--yesterday some of you thought I was a goner!  Sheesh!  That was not even on our mind when I wrote my story. The story flowed out of me and those have always been the post I love best--when everything comes together so nice.  We started our post with a question--why is life so short...  and I sought to answer that with my adventure.   I really loved my idea of how can life be so short and LONG!!!   We thought the post ended perfectly and came round full circle to the title.  We ended it and started it the same.  It never even crossed our mind that people would interpret this differently.  Goodness that would be cruel and was NEVER the intent.  We did not coin the term rainbow bridge nor does my human even like this concept!  The bridge to us represented a time warp in season, emotion and answering the deeper questions of life.  Something I am doing right now...zzzzz.  Sorry to any of our readers that we offended-- especially Jo who has been a dedicated reader since the start!  Don't worry--I may be a senior boy but look how healthy and happy I am--not going anywhere soon!  love Guinny!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Can Life be so Short....

Guinness here taking a walk along the river with Maggi. SIGH.  I have a can life be so short...

but winter is so.. LONG?  It doesn't make sense.  We get to the old train bridge.  Maggi won't come.

I guess I will just go by myself then...
What the...???  I cross the bridge.  Everything is green and beautiful.  Look at me!  I am a young pup!
 There are endless fields and everything is sweet and lush.  There are golden-green pastures for miles...LOOK!  IT'S SAIGE!
WOW! HI SAIGE!  I can't believe this!  I have never felt so happy in my whole life.  Saige and I run in those carefree fields.  We run and we run!  We never get tired.
We run up through the meadows and down to the farm--and look close!  who do you see?   
It's crazy ol' GROUCHO!

Is he ever happy to see us!
Everything is just as it was.  
 I am never leaving this place.  I will not cross the bridge again!
The bridge looms in the distance.  But I stay here and play with Saige.  We keep getting younger and younger...but the colors are changing now--and it seems to be Autumn...what is going on?  Are things moving backwards? 

Saige turns really is Autumn now!  And if it is Autumn...that means it will be winter.  Winter?  Winter?  Wait a minute!  Where is Maggi?  Oh no!  I left Maggi back in Winter!  I HAVE TO GO BACK!  I CAN'T JUST LEAVE EVERYONE...



 I cross the bridge.  Maggi is waiting for me.  I chase her in the snow.  Things seem different now.  I am more alive than ever.  And if Winter is long--then let it be long.  Life is to short to worry about that.  Love Guinness