Monday, September 20, 2010

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Guinness here. Do you believe in Fairies?

You know, in days of old, farmers would always leave some of their crop for the "wee folk"!

They believed it brought them good fortune and ensured a healthy harvest every year. And if they forgot to leave a little something, the fairies would get angry and punish the farmers by ruining their crops!

Sure, sure... today we may have scientific names for such things, like nitrogen, and carbon and humic acid... it what you like. All I know is even the smallest little creatures play a BIG role in all the gifts we take for granted.

So we must be willing to "give back" a little to mother nature each year if we want to recieve all her beautiful gifts! ......Wow, all this water, kinda makes me feel....

Yikes, 'scuze me! Gotta go... gotta is time for me to give a little "something" back to the fairies!

Guinness makes the World a Better Place

Guinness here and I have the biggest news to ever hit my bloggy! These are our new friends Doug and Waveney from California! They came all the way to Nova Scotia just to meet me!

It is true! They found me through the fantastic Blog and wanted to come see all my special 'splorin places for themselves!

And Waveney made us this cross stitch of me and Saige. We were all so touched and moved by this thoughtfulness that after they left my human mom stared and stared at it.

She could not believe all the little ways she had captured me and Saige without even meeting us... but just by looking at our pictures.

Hehehe...Saige and I were always cuddling together where we were not suppose to be!

While we were having a nice seafood lunch who shows up but old Gladys Kravitz. You just know he can not keep his nose in his own business. He said he is the star of my blog and everyone would want to meet him. Cheeky.

Our new friends got to see a few of our special places....

...and discuss fishin' and the weather with some locals...hehehe! The only sad part is they never got to meet Saige.

But they stayed the night at Crick Hollow, and got to stay by the tree where Saige always played. So they got to feel her spirit.

And when we went back up to the cabin after they left, we saw that they left a beautiful wildflower bouquet for her. Sob sob sniff. Doug and Waveney wanted to see the rest of Nova Scotia and Quebec-- not sure why ;-) -- so they could only stay one night. But my human fell right in love with them and wished they would have stayed longer. There was just so much more to see. And there was one famous 'splorin Wolfies road that we drove right by but just didn't have time to stop and explore...

So perhaps we will just let Saige show you now instead. Farewell dear friends. And where ever you may be...

.................................Safe Travels...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Precious Pie

Hi it is Guinness. Have you had a piece of precious pie today? With all that has been going on I forgot to introduce you to my new human cousin, Oliver! It will be well worth the few seconds because it will keep you smiling all day!

Two Gorgeous Northern Lights

Hi, it is Guinness and I want to tell you something. This is my human's friend Chrystal. And Look! She has a 'Splorin Wolfie of her own! This puppy is Brogan, and they moved from Edmonton, Alberta to the NWT!

Brogan drove all the way up North when he was just a few months old...

Isn't he the sweetest puppy? But ummmm..........

Now he is 7 months old...

Just to warn anyone out there who is thinking of getting an Irish Wolfhound we will grow right before your eyes.

And Brogan has seen some of the most beautiful and wild parts of Canada. I wonder if an Irish Wolfhound has ever been so far North. Everyone must think he is some sort of mythical wolf creature!

Look! This is the Great Slave Lake. My human dreams of this place. It is as big as a Sea.

And Brogan is cooling off this summer because it is so hot and all the people have air conditioning. And Chrystal could not believe it and was laughing at first. And then she was not laughing because it was so unbearably hot she wanted air conditioning too!

We will most definately check back on Brogan this winter. I wonder if they will want air conditioning by then.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The OptiMISTIC Camper

Hi! It's just adorable little me! Groucho-alien. I am SO LUCKY! My "Big Brother" Guinness let me go camping with him ALL weekend!

Things kinda got off to a rough start. I had to sleep in this outdoor spaceship thingy. Now, I must admit, I DO like the comforts of home--I am more of a glamper than a camper.

But in the morning Guinness let me catch up on my beauty sleep in more comfortable quarters!

ZZZZ....I only wake up a few times. And that is because Guinness was checking in on me to make sure I was OK. He is such a good foster brother, sure do love you, Guinness!

Could I have some herbal tea please?

Slurp slurp slurp. Thanks Guinness!

Me and Guinness hang out all weekend. We go for lots of walkies!

And have lots of male bonding time. I love having Guinness around to always look out for me and protect me. I mean, I kinda had a rough start in life, you know!

Thanks Guinness ol' buddy, ol' pal! You are the wind beneath my whiskers! Love Groucho.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Pessimistic Camper

Hi, it's Guinness. I am totally pumped to spend the Labour Day Weekend at Crick Hollow with my humans... hang on...what's this coming down the lane?

What the..... is this suppose to be a joke? No one told me Freaky McFreakshow was coming. So much for my relaxing get-a-way. He will probably want to drink herbal tea and swap massages all weekend.

Hehehe! This is kinda funny though. He has to sleep in this outdoor shelter thingy...haha. He won't like that while I am curled up inside the nice cozy cabin. I got one up on him this time!

But LOOK! In the morning he sneaks into the cabin and secures a spot on the bed! GACK! He pretends to be asleep all morning.

See? I even catch him Fake sleeping! Just look at the tricksy ant eater.

GRRRRR---he even banks some snuggle time with MY human dad. Look at those synchronized happy feet!

This long weekend is sure turning out to be one LOOONG weekend...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wolfhound Size Marshmallows!

Hey! It is Guinness. My human found these giant size marshmallows for campfire roasting! She said they were big enough even for a wolfhound!

Well, I showed her what I thought about her marshmallows....

This is more like it!