Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Peace Pool

 *SIGH*  It's Guinness--can you see me?

 How 'bout now?  Look close!

 We are deep, deep in the woods.  I am watching Maggi swim.  Isn't she cute?

 Everything is beautiful.  Look at Maggi smelling all the smells!  She is so comfy and content laying on that bed of soft, green moss.

And look!  That babbling brook has rocked Maggi right to sleep.  ZZZZZZ!  

Beauty is something you can feel isn't it?  Kinda like love.

Til next time.

Love Guinness

Monday, October 29, 2012

Onion Soup

 Guinness here and LOOK!  About a month ago we were out in a giant onion field.

 See all the culls?  We are aloud to pick them!

 Maggi helps fill the bucket!

 Goodbye.  I do not want to help.  I go sit far away and think of other things besides stupid onions.

 Besides--look at Maggi--she is quite pleased with herself.  I say let the girls work.  HA!

 When we get home our human dad lays those onions out to dry.  He said there will be lots of piping hot French Onion Soup THIS winter on all those cold days!  MMMMMmmmm.  BUT  he said I did not help.

So I will not be getting any soup this winter...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One To Beam Up

Guinness here.  Groucho asked me to come along for a little walk with him--and the sky cracked open.  It was the Mother Ship coming for Groucho.  Groucho said he was sent here 3 years ago on a peace-keeping mission.  He was given an assignment to integrate and observe an Earthling family.  His Superiors are most happy with his work and have summoned him home.

I do not know what life will be like now without his absurd adventures and quirky antics.  But Groucho said he would never be too far away... and if ever we saw a star shooting across the sky, it is just him in his spaceship-- spreading his message of love and laughter on some new galactic adventure.

Just before he was beamed up to the Bridge, Groucho looked back at me with a  tear on his strange, sweet face.  He bid me farewell and said I was the best friend he ever had.  And so we keep him with us...embedded forever deep within our hearts and memories.

Safe travels, you dear little rascal...safe travels.