Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Guinness here. My human said there were no tests to run so why not take another "MENTAL HEALTH DAY" with her friend Corey up to Crick Hollow.

Well I couldn't agree more. And besides, you don't lay on your death bed remembering all the time you spent at work, eh?

This is a great day to make wreaths. So me and Corey fill up the kettle with snow. That will be for gingerbread hot chocolate later!

But now we have to go collect brush to make those wreaths!

Corey collects some pine. Remember pine? It has the LONG needles!

And my human collects some fir! Fir makes the best wreaths because it lies FLAT! Remember?

And today is a beautiful, warm day. The air is extra fresh and the sun is hot. There is just a nice dusting of snow, and everything is still.

Except for when I find a rabbit trail! WOOSH!!! HAHAHA!

Back at the cabin the meatballs are PIPING hot from the fire! YUM!

And after that tasty smackeral it is time to make the wreaths. You take three "fingers" of fir like this. Then wrap them with wire around the wreath frame. It is easy!

And once in a while you throw in some pine sprigs for "texture" and "dimension". Oh brother.

And that is when I take the opportunity to catch up on my sleep. ZZZZZZ

And when I am offered a lousy 3 meatballs I am too lazy to even sit up. I just lay on my side and try to lick the plate sideways. I made a real mess but Corey said it was my human's fault so don't blame me.

Now the wreaths are done except for the bells, balls, berries, and bows. We will glue those on at home!

The day is almost over. The sun behind me is setting...and the sun beside me is smiling!


  1. Your meatball is falling..LOL

    Nice wreath!

  2. What a perfect day, Guinness! Beautiful wreaths to decorate, good eats, nice weather.


  3. You guys sure did make the best of your mental health day
    Benny & Lily

  4. "Mental Health Day" - what a great idea!

    Oh Guinness - another wonderful post! I'm just so enjoying going through your Christmas preparations with you - and seeing all the snow! My humans have experienced snow but I never have. It looks wonderfully soft to run in - although I'm a bit of a wimp so I probably wouldn't like the cold as much as you! (couldn't believe that photo in the previous posts where you were lying in it!) -

    Hey! I do that thing too where I'm too lazy to pick my head up to eat something - hee! hee! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. Hsin-Yi wants to say that she LOVES the first picture of your human and she loves, loves, loves your human's beautiful hair and wishes she had hair like that!!!

  5. That sounds like the best mental health day ever!

  6. Wreaths look awesome!
    I need to come out and make wreathes!

  7. Cool! Now I want to try and make a wreath!
    That is some messy meatball sauce all over! hehehe

  8. And we are all smiling too - great post - you know just how to spark the holiday spirit.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. I wouldn't get up for three meatballs either. That is insulting. You poor dear.


  10. First, dogs don't need mental health days. We ARE mental health days. Glad your mom is smart enough to know that, so she takes you along. She needs someone to snoopervise all the hard work. No wonder you were too tired to lift your head for a light snack.

    Most useful tree tricks post. "Spiral spruce" is simple, but Spruce Goose sure has flare!

    Jed & Abby

  11. Mom says that I'm permanently "mental"...Don't know what she means about that. Sounds like you had a great day!! I wish we had meatballs...I've never had one. Mmm they look yummy!! It looks like you have nice wintery weather, I sure hope you stay nice and warm our there!

  12. The wreaths are beautiful, and such fun photos!

  13. Oh Guinness, what a great helper you are. I agree about the working thing too...mental health days are very much needed and should be par for the course. ;) Those meatballs looked YUUUUUMMY even there were only 3.