Monday, November 23, 2009

The Spout

What is that I hear...a distant rumble!

....must go investigate...


Wow! I gotta go Pee!!!!! NOW!!

Guess what. I am a REALLY BAD BOY--and I wait all day to pee because I am lazy and picky. Certain conditions have to be met for me to be satisfied. I will not go out in my play pen. I will not go in the front yard. You have to take me out on a special trip so I can try and weasel a walk out of you at the same time. So sometimes, I get stuck holding it.

because I hold it so long, sometimes it takes me over 2 minutes to pee! Everyone rolls their eyes at me and it is a big joke.

I have to admit, I sometimes get so tired of peeing I lean up against a wall or a tree and just keep peeing. that is how long it takes me. Well, thanks for listening, I just had to get that out of my system...hehehe!


  1. You sound like my idiot brother! He can be outside all day and not pee. He will only pee on walkies or sometimes when momma goes out in the yard with him at night and stands there in her jammies saying "pee pee."

    I don't have that problem and will typically take advantage of any outdoor situation. However, I do sometimes miss last call at night due to my vigorous meditations and then I wake momma up at 3 AM and go out and pee and pee and pee and pee...


  2. Oh too funny. Is this what I have to look forward to someday with our wolfie?

  3. PEEeople just don't understand. Pee and poop MUST be done at the RIGHT time and in the exact RIGHT place. I am really in awe of your bladder though. I wish I could hold it THAT long. ESPECIALLY ON A RAINY OR SNOWY DAY. It must be very much convenient for you. Much less time wasted on searching places all day. Much more time to PLAY. You do have a gorgeous place to do it though. I can understand why you insist on that location location location. It is all in the location.

  4. Sir Bear does the same thing. The vet says he has a really large bladder. So when he finally goes it takes awhile!

    Emma Rose

  5. Being able to pee for 2 minutes is truly amazing.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. I understand your problem (and Frankie said it well...), but the fact that you CAN hold it for so long is amazing. And peeing for so long that you lean against a tree or sumpin? Wow - R-E-L-I-E-F!!!
    xo Sammie

  7. We dogs who have lived in a shelter know that we only get out a couple of times a day. So then your bladder accomodates you and can hold more.
    My Mom thinks I am amazing!


  8. Mom will be so glad when Piper can do this - he likes to drink a lot and leave little squirts everywhere!! No matter now long of a walk we go on (4 times a day). Java on the other hand can hold it forever.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  9. Get it "out of your system"? Ha roo roo roo! I've gotta make sure Ammy hears that one!
    I think you should have struck a pose up on those rocks! That'd be so cool!
    I love the scenery - you look awesome especially in that fourth shot!
    Play bows,

  10. hhehehe. Funny!
    Maybe you just need running water as a motivator. Darwin seems to always pee in puddles, which is disgusting sometimes, cause other dogs will drink out of the same puddle. Gross!

  11. Our mum says her last basset Harry was very lazy about going out at night to pee in the winter.
    He never wet the floor and could hold it in for ages - when he finally went out he would pee forever!
    we understand though you just like conditions to be right!
    How could anyone seriously think you guys are llamas!!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  12. you have the coolest adventure playground!!

  13. Humans just don't understand. El Guapo takes forever to poop!

  14. yes, indeed I'm very fussy too about where I pee! I guess its because I hold it in for such long periods when I'm working so when I get the command 'to spend' I take my time both to find the correct spot and then to go!!

    take care

  15. Rusty can hold it as long, but it is not because he is picky. If it is raining outside, he would prefer to just cross his legs and weight a little longer. We sometimes have to make him go outside at night so he does not explode overnight.

  16. Phantom is so picky about where he poops - he only does so in his own backyard. Guess that's not a bad thing.

    woos, the OP Pack

    Great pics, by the way.

  17. Cool pictures. I know what ya mean about peeing. Sometimes I lift my leg so high I almost tip over.
    Benny & Lily

  18. I wonder what do you do if you don't meet the "certain conditions"!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. You have a wonderful places to explore. The river is beautiful. How long can you hold it?? Doesn't it get painful after awhile. You must have some set of kidneys and a huge bladder. You might be the champion of holding pee.
    hee hee
    Ernie & Sasha

  20. Woah boy do you have yur humans TRAINED! sounds like you have a serious control trip goin bro! way to go! ;)

    wild dingo