Friday, November 6, 2009

The Passage...

It is Guinness and listen to this. On Halloween day we went out 'splorin' near our farm and found this old abandoned road.

This is something we can not resist. That is a trait passed down from our Gramps! Now there is all the new things to see... and all new smells to smell!

Oh! there is an old apple orchard down here.

My goodness, someone has lived here once and worked this land.

Oooohhhh! Spooky! We are right! just in time for Halloween, our very own Haunted House!

We can see why someone loved this land--tucked away under these hills.

And here is an old hewn bridge.

Children probably use to play here. Or perhaps this is where they gathered their water or did the wash.

It is strange to think about. We sit along the stream for a long time.

It does not seem possible that we could ever get old, or that the days could ever just pass us by.

But now the air is cool and crisp. And all the leaves have fallen from the trees but for what a gust of wind could claim...

And Time has certainly made a fool of me once again...


  1. Lovely pics Wolfies. Hugs and extra pats on the heads.

    Tell your human momma that my MIL knows the Lennon sisters, personally. They knew each other as kids. Isn't that neat?!

  2. Wonderful post. Really enjoyed it!

  3. Hey, Pups! Lets go look at the haunted house a little closer. See what the inside looks like and if there is anything old like furniture left behind. We wouldn't be afraid if you were there with us!


  4. What a hauntingly beautiful post!
    I would love to explore that old, abandoned road with you two!

  5. Exquisit photos guys! We love the last one.

    Wow you two are a bit too pensive for us on this one ;-) But we understand, we all get in those moods.


  6. That last shot is just beautiful!

  7. Rohan Here, Hi
    Awesome 'splorin.Wish I was with you.
    Not to shabby do either.)

  8. What a fun adventure. Makes you think about who lived there and what they were like. It certainly is a nice spot of land.


  9. This is an amazing, beautiful, poignant walk. The photos are expessive, and the dogs look so regal and mysterious. You live in a beautiful area.

  10. Looks spooky and beautiful at the same time!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hi Wolfies - what an amazing post, really magical. We love your photos (we always do!) but that last one especially transported us to a lovely place.....sigh! We wish we could visit you for real one day, but getting to read your blog and see your wonderful photos comes a close second. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.