Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Problem Child

While Guinness is in the hospital getting his quills removed, I have some quality time with my mom!

One time a hunter climbed down a tree and said I looked like a deer running through the woods. Then my mom's blood ran cold. So now we wear our vests during hunting season.

And when I get home the little girl next door brought Brady over for a visit.

He is fun to play with. He flips and rolls and bounces and has lots to say for himself. Strange little man.

Well, well, well....look what the cat dragged home. It is Guinness and boy oh boy is he ever in rough shape. He comes staggering through the door all in a drunken stupor. Steady there big guy, don't fall over!

Oh... and Gramps comes to visit him. He has been so worried about Guinness. He brings him soft cheese to eat. I got a stale ol' Milkbone.

Hmmmm....Guinness has a tender mouth...breakfast in bed. I see how it is.

He got buttered soft boiled eggs and an ice cold glass of milky. I got boring ol' kibble.

Everyone always has a soft spot for Guinness, even though HE is the one who kissed that porcupine while I was a good girl. Sigh, the PROBLEM CHILD always gets the sympathy vote. HRMPH! Where is that porcupine....


  1. I love the sofa photos because it always puts in perspective just how big you are - so cute!

  2. Oh yes, I know how that goes. You cannot believe the attentions Pee-Wee has been getting ever since his dumb tutoring. WHAT ABOUT ME?

    You are smart to wear your vests. Hunters can be crazy sometimes.

    Hope the big guy is feeling better after his ordeal.


  3. Saige, believe me I am with you!!! The fuss that is made in this house of Martha is unbelievable. She is scared of everything - if you ask me she just puts it on for attention!
    You would not believe the fuss over the fireworks season over here!
    She even pees in the house and not a word is said!
    If I pee'd in the house they would probably rehome me!!!
    Life is not fair! I am glad you are wearing a vest cos we met a doggie like you in the woods and both Martha and I thought it was a deer too.....well you are soo tall and as you say yourself long legged.
    Thanks for the tip on being a super model - we believe short is the new tall this season.....
    Bailey xxxxx

  4. ps cuddles to Guinness.......sorry but he did look as though he was suffering.....

  5. Oh, sweetie - you are just as special as Guiness - but he had a nasty run in with that nasty porcupine! Hopefully, he will be feeling like his old self in no time!!

    Nuzzles to both of you!

    ((hgus)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  6. Well I'm not sure you want to mess with a Prickupine. They don't work and play well with others. Hope Guinness is getting better. I don't have Pokies where I live, butt when I go to Pawsylvania to see my sister... she DOES have them in her yard. My mom won't let me go outside alone there.

  7. Glad that Guinness is home and getting TLC from Grandpa. At least we know he won't do it again!
    Don't we?


  8. Oh Saige, don't feel sad or left out. You're the lucky one. No pricks for you and no sore mouth.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - we're glad Guiness is home and prick free.

  9. Oh... poor thing. but glad he is doing okay. Poor guy. And good idea about the orange vest when outside. When I was growing up, we had 2 pet goats, one being a brown color---that followed us everywhere, including the woods where we played and where a hunter thought the goat was a deer....everything was okay, but we had never thought that someone would mistake the goat for a deer. You sure live in a beautiful area.

  10. Glad to see Guinness is quill free! I still get the shivers thinking about those pictures.
    You certainly are a big girl! Love how you dwarf your grandpa sitting on the couch!

  11. We wear our vests too. Even mommy. She says those hunters are more cracker dog than us! Mommy also says she's gonna get Bobo and bullet proof vest that covers his whole body cause he got in something and tore up his leggy. He's at the V.E.T. right now having surgery.

    Maybe if you give yer mommy the sad eye face you could get some special treats. I'm gonna go try that right now.


  12. woah soft boiled eggeys and milk but was it worth the pain saige stay clear of the prickle monster!!

  13. Wow, we had no idea you guys were so big! What a nice Grandpa to bring goodies for Guinness and let you sit next to him on the sofa. We are sending good vibes to Guinness to heal quickly and feel better. We are so glad he is home where he can be comfortable.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  14. Oh believe me...Loki's freaked because he's not getting his normal attention with Juno being so sick...

    it's a nice post to distract me from being freaked out and not knowing what's going on with my Juno Belle Jodhpurs...still more tests needed.
    wild dingo

  15. We don't know about over in Canada but, here in France, hunters can be seriously brain-impaired when pinpointing prey. There was the Englishman who was shot dead while picking apples in his own orchard, the hunter saying he though it was a wild boar....

  16. Oh Guiness! I'm so sorry - I am behind with visiting and did not know about your horrible encounter with the spiky monster thing!! I just read that post and I was SQUIRMING when I saw the photos!! Eeeeeuuuugggghhhh!! But am so glad you are back home now and getting better. And milking all the attention - hee! hee!

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. Hope your brother is doing okay..poor thing. Smart momma putting a vest on you. Maybe you need a hat too.BOL..You are very big and awfully cute. You make that human look tiny
    Benny & Lily

  18. I'm SO glad he's HOME, though - even if he's getting all the special stuff. At least you got some quality girl time with your mom!

  19. So glad to hear that Guinness is back home. What an ordeal! You look fabulous in your vest. My brother Mully and I have to wear orange vests too when we are out chasing birdies. Is that a mini sofa and a mini person, or are you one big loveable woof?
    Puppy Kisses,
    Sadie Lou

  20. hello splorin wolfies its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmmmm i think i wood rather hav the milkbone and forgo the kwills in my fayse but thats just me!!! ok bye

  21. I do believe you are the biggest dog I have ever seen. Do you eat as much as a horse?

    Emma Rose

  22. BARK! Mango sent me your way. WOW, are you real live Wolfhounds? Mommy says we may be related somehow, as your relatives mingled with mine. Mommy is drooling over your pictures talking about how cute you are. Oh, no, I feel another brother or sister coming our way... BARK! Sasha the Princess

  23. Oh Saige, don't do it! I bet Guiness would say it's not worth it!

  24. Never forget your safety vest - those hunters sometimes can get too excited and yes you do look like a deer. Check out Janey Mac's safety vests. Some of her Leo friends wear them so they don't get mistaken for a bear. LOL

    Remember have fun but play safe!