Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Damage Control

Guinness here on damage control--yesterday some of you thought I was a goner!  Sheesh!  That was not even on our mind when I wrote my story. The story flowed out of me and those have always been the post I love best--when everything comes together so nice.  We started our post with a question--why is life so short...  and I sought to answer that with my adventure.   I really loved my idea of how can life be so short and LONG!!!   We thought the post ended perfectly and came round full circle to the title.  We ended it and started it the same.  It never even crossed our mind that people would interpret this differently.  Goodness that would be cruel and was NEVER the intent.  We did not coin the term rainbow bridge nor does my human even like this concept!  The bridge to us represented a time warp in season, emotion and answering the deeper questions of life.  Something I am doing right now...zzzzz.  Sorry to any of our readers that we offended-- especially Jo who has been a dedicated reader since the start!  Don't worry--I may be a senior boy but look how healthy and happy I am--not going anywhere soon!  love Guinny!


  1. We weren't offended; we were just worried that there was going to be some announcement at the end of the post about some illness or something. However, when that wasn't there, our Mom took it for the metaphor it was, and enjoyed the pictures and the thoughts behind it!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. you aren't allowed to go yet Guinness! Or Maggi!! Thanks for the clarification :-) xxx

  3. I did read that post and yes, I was wondering... it is only because you write so well that it seemed realistic. I remember when you wrote a post about when your last dog died and I couldn't be sure if she really went or not. I had to ask. And I felt so totally rotten and awful and such an idiot for even asking but I just couldn't be sure. Turns out she really did die. I was NOT going to be the one to ask this time so I am very glad and relieved you did a damage control post. And I am very glad Guiness isn't going anywhere for a long time. It sort of sounded like Guiness had a long and hard illness where he almost died then came back and got all better. AFTER you explained, I got the metaphor. Its ok go to GEEEZ at me. I'm glad I was wrong. SO VERY WRONG.

  4. haha no worries--I never meant to mislead! thanks for the comment

  5. Thank goodness!!!there you are. I loved your story but you scared us
    Lily & Edward