Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Can Life be so Short....

Guinness here taking a walk along the river with Maggi. SIGH.  I have a question...how can life be so short...

but winter is so.. LONG?  It doesn't make sense.  We get to the old train bridge.  Maggi won't come.

I guess I will just go by myself then...
What the...???  I cross the bridge.  Everything is green and beautiful.  Look at me!  I am a young pup!
 There are endless fields and everything is sweet and lush.  There are golden-green pastures for miles...LOOK!  IT'S SAIGE!
WOW! HI SAIGE!  I can't believe this!  I have never felt so happy in my whole life.  Saige and I run in those carefree fields.  We run and we run!  We never get tired.
We run up through the meadows and down to the farm--and look close!  who do you see?   
It's crazy ol' GROUCHO!

Is he ever happy to see us!
Everything is just as it was.  
 I am never leaving this place.  I will not cross the bridge again!
The bridge looms in the distance.  But I stay here and play with Saige.  We keep getting younger and younger...but the colors are changing now--and it seems to be Autumn...what is going on?  Are things moving backwards? 

Saige turns away...it really is Autumn now!  And if it is Autumn...that means it will be winter.  Winter?  Winter?  Wait a minute!  Where is Maggi?  Oh no!  I left Maggi back in Winter!  I HAVE TO GO BACK!  I CAN'T JUST LEAVE EVERYONE...



 I cross the bridge.  Maggi is waiting for me.  I chase her in the snow.  Things seem different now.  I am more alive than ever.  And if Winter is long--then let it be long.  Life is to short to worry about that.  Love Guinness




  1. you scared me for a minute!! don't go yet!

  2. why would you be scared? that is your own doing ;-)

  3. No, its your doing, Janice. You made us feel that Guinness had died and crossed the bridge, and I sit here with tears in my eyes feeling just a little upset!


  4. It was SO sweet to see a warm, green summer day with Saige and Groucho together again with their buddy Guinness. The trip was so sweet and heartwarming. That little journey made my day.

  5. oh wow thanks! I was overjoyed writing it

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  8. Oh no! Did Guiness cross the bridge. We are so sad
    Lily & Edward