Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bin Pickin'

Guinness here reporting from the farm.

I am supervising--my human is changing the blades.  You wanna see why?

Well, follow me--I will show you!

Well surprise surprise--little piggy Maggi has beaten us there--look at all this grub!

Our humans get all the culls from the salad factory in Town.  You wonder how anyone could ever go hungry when you see the things they throw out!  

See?  The cows go BONKERS for this stuff--it is like candy to them and when the bin comes rolling into the farm you can hear them blatting for miles around.  They come running for that good sweet grub!

These pineapple cores are fun to feed.  They eat them like I eat dog treats!

I chomp down on a an old broccoli stock--hehehe!

Mag mows down a pineapple!

Now here comes the tractor with one BIG SCOOP!

The cows go crazy, they are mowing and blatting and making a big ruckus.
At first they push and shove, but there is so much food they soon settle in.

If we dump some in this corner--it will spread them out even more.

SPLAT!!!!  There it goes.  The air smells so sweet from all that good produce.  It smells just like a giant fruit salad everywhere!

It is like Christmas every Saturday and every Tuesday and the cows get very excited when it is BIN day.

Our prize winning bull-- Johnny Cash --would like to give you a big wet kiss.

As for me, I love to sit and listen to them eat--and then I think how yummy and sweet our beautiful, homegrown, pasture fed beef is going to taste.  Support your local farmers!  Love Guinny


  1. Oh yum! Scraps like that are heavenly treats. I love fruit salad ;-)

    The cattle crack me up especially because I am now a COWgirl...

  2. This is like WOW.....G you are the luckiest to be able to watch, sniff and eat these salad delectables. That placer in town is probably glad to get rid of the stuffies that humans won't eat and you guys end up with it all...eat local is definitely the way to go.

  3. Talk about salad days, WOW.

  4. That's the biggest salad we have ever seen. We think that cow won the tongue contest
    Benny & Lily

  5. Guinny, you have so many wonderful friends on your farm! It must be exciting to go 'splorin' when there is a myriad of possibilities abound! I hope your humans know how lucky they are to have you to keep them playful ;0)

  6. At least that produce doesn't go to waste. Your cows are lucky. I also love the kiss from the bull picture.


  7. That is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. That is an amazing amount of grub, but I suspect it takes a lot to keep those big old cows going. Don't they have something like 87 stomachs they have to fill? Imagine!


  9. All fresh and healthy food,too. Nothing but good for these big guys!


  10. What a farm! Beautiful cows and Wolfies, too! Wish I was there. The beef must be fabulous with the cattle getting that great variety of fruits and veggies.