Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Comes Early to the Valley!

 Guinness here!  LOOK!  Gramps and camera-shy Gram came over with a delivery!

 What's inside?  Well--something for ME I hope!  Grams and Gramps open it--they have been waiting all day for my human to get home from work!  They are curious, or nosey--which one?

 Wow!  All these gifts for me! I am so excited I can't even move off the floor.  It is presents fron the HERB GARDEN again!  You know-- our friends Parsley, Sage and Lil' Sprout! They live in a far away land my human called--OAK-LA -HOME -AAH!  Go and say hi!

 Look what they made for our Christmas Tree!  Ornaments of all of us!  We just love them!  Everyone is having wonderful family fun laughing and looking.  We take alot of time to really look them over and enjoy them. 

 My human dad really gets a chuckle of the one of Christa-- his daughter, and big, fat Maggi looking humorously gigantic next to her! 

Parsley has stitched us another work of art.  The colors are just gorgeous.

And doesn't it look so perfect on our antique stove!

Hmm..something has got my attention.  I actually move!  TREATS!

I am SO there!  Have you ever actually seen a picture of me sitting?  Here is a rare glimps!


Maggi daintily picks away at hers.  She better watch it!

HA!  Look at this chew toy I got!  I am all ready for Movember!!!  hehehe!

What?  Is there more treats?

Yes there is!  Alien crackers and ornaments of Groucho for his humans.  Oh.  This is so special.  You do not understand how touched they will be.  We have all had such a hard time saying farewell to our little galactic weirdo.  What a delightful way to keep him with us for the holidays and all the Christmases to come!

 It is a happy night.  My GrandPAWrents stay around for a long time.  We all laugh and talk about how special the blog has been-- and how so many people have elevated our lives by peeking into our little world now and then.  What a nice journey these blog years have been.  In years to come--won't we look back with love at these special moments!  This is such a great time in our lives.  These are such great years for us right now. It all really hits home. 

We want to do something nice for our friends.  They make our world a happier place and we feel so blessed to have them.   Hmmm...what can I do for them?  Something really special, and different.  They said they would like to come visit us in Nova Scotia know--get a taste of our life.   Hmmm....but until then....

Do you think they would like to try some Nova Scotia Lobster flavored chips?  C'mon--don't tell me it doesn't tweak your curiousity?  hehehe.  Thank you Parsley and Sage and Lil' Sprout.  Wow!  just WOW!  We love you guys.  but please...let us know about the chips---hehehe!


  1. Those ornaments are very special. Thanks for sharing your life with us through your blog. I may never get to Nova Scotia, but at least I can see it through your eyes.


  2. We miss the Grouch, too. What great make every Christmas special.

    We think the lobster potato chips are a winner...never heard of them before.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. It was a special occasion for two special dogs and their humans who love them very much. Lucky dogs!

  4. That sure is an awesome box of goodies! Lobster chips? WOW! I went with my pawrents for a lobster dinner in August, and they didn't even give me any!! Enjoy all that stuff!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  5. Yippie! We are so glad everything arrived safely! We think you are all so special.

    One of the Groucho ornaments is for you if you wish to keep one and give the other to his momma.

    Merry Christmas dear friends!

    Oh...the chips? Sage and sprout would pass...or pass out. Lol!

    1. well we all think you are pretty special yourselves! thank you again--it means so much--we perhaps will keep one Groucho Ornament for ourselves, but we will let the denHAans have first pick. would be nice to have him hanging on the tree this year! Sorry--your are getting the chips...and perhaps some more seaweed is in order---and some salt water taffy too. gotta toughin you all up for your prep to Nova scotia

    2. Lol! Sage wants to know if there is a McDonalds there...not Macdonald's. hahaha. He's a picky one. Seaweed...I tried it three times. Guess my taste buds died being married to him and his dinner choices for so long. ;-)

  6. yes! --and you'll love this one--you can actually get a McLobster here in the maritimes! i will make sure they have some in stock when you visit. as for the seaweed, one must try it 7 times to aquire a taste.

  7. What an awesome gift! We love the friends we've met through blogging and Parsley is just wonderful!


  8. That is so nice! It's great to have family and friends far and wide.

  9. What a great haul. I am so happy that you are in blog land and sharing your adventure with the whole Internet.


  10. A well deserved box for dogs and humans. We are happy the Denhahans will have this nice memory of our favorite weirdo, Groucho and all the rest of the goodies for you guys. I love the counted cross stitch!


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