Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Subliminal Messages

What the...  Why do I keep hearing voices in my head.  "BRING FOOD AND WATER, BRING FOOD AND WATER"  Over and over like a broken record.

GACK!  Then this horrible image gets plastered on my brain... and I remember!  GROUCHO!  I totally forgot  he had to get his teeth cleaned!  Well, I guess it was bad news. He had to get knocked out and have 5 teeth pulled.   GULP.  How am I going to face him?

I go over to Groucho's house.  OH OH.   I find him near death in a crumpled heap.   He hasn't had any visitors throughout this entire escapade.   

I rush around giving him food and water.  I make sure to use his new Christmas Bowl to soften his mood.

Groucho starts to come around.  I ask him to show me his dental work.  He is being stubborn.

Come on now Groucho.  Don't be like that.  Open wide--show us your nice new smile.  Groucho's teeth look much better now!

Groucho is still pissed.  He lays there in a foul mood.  Lucky for me I have one last trick up my sleeve.
I bought him his own hamster to keep him company while he heals. 

Look at his face now! It worked!  Groucho loves his new alien hamster.  He names him Allen.

...and I survived that one quite well I think!  Til next Guinness


  1. Poor Groucho! I'm glad you tried to help him by the Chrismtas mug and alien friend.

  2. Hey Guinness!
    Wow, nice save there! Poor Groucho, but his smile surely looks a ton better now. Once he gets over his mad-fit, he'll feel a lot better too. Love his new Allen toy! That's a lot of fun!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. Hey Guinness, Thanks for the update on our pal Groucho. That whole experience couldn't have been easy for the boy, but he will be so much better off now without the bad toofies.

    You are such a great friend, Guinness!


  4. Poor Groucho! His teeth do look much better now!

  5. Groucho's least the ones he has remaining look great. Good on ya for for making him feel better......but we predict trouble ahead with Allen.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Poor Groucho but way to go cheering him up with the Alien hamster thingy! ;) I had to have my teeth cleaned yesterday and I was in a drunken state for many hours afterwards...yuck! Anyway, glad to see you are doing well...Happy Holidays!


  7. That was a great teeth job! I'd like to have an alien like that, too! what happens if I kiss it? Ha!

  8. Oh Groucho but now look at those pearly whites!
    Benny & Lily

  9. Poor Groucho - please give him a hug from us. But now look at how beautiful his teeth look!

    That Alien hamster is the perfect pet for him:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Poor Groucho, but his chompers look awsome now.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  11. You were quite brave to visit alien Groucho. He does look a lot better.