Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bringing Maggi Home

Hi! It is Guinness! Maggi is home! What an adventure it was, but first thank you to all the people who worked so hard to bring this girl to us. We know there is a collective sigh across Canada now that Maggi is finally home! And here she is...a tired, but happy girl.

She looks a lot like me, eh? I am not sure how you will tell us apart--HaHa! Maggi came from a bad situation then she was fostered in several places from Alberta and Ontario. She has been in many different foster homes and travelled nearly from coast to coast through the second biggest country in the world. Poor Maggi, Just when she got settled in one home, she was shipped off to another, even though her Fosters loved her and wanted the best for her, it is hard to understand when you are a dog. And she is completely blind, so you can imagine how utterly terrified she must have been. No human could handle the changes she went through, and after all that she is a loving, kind, sweet girl.

Look at the van. My humans had to travel 15 hours to Montreal to pick her up. My human Dad packed so much and my human Mom was really mad. They had enough provisions for a week. But my human dad likes to OVER prepare in case there is a storm and he might have to rescue people or save the World or something like that. Cindy, from the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Committee, Maggi, and Katherine-- Maggi's foster mom, were driving from Ontario to meet us in Montreal.

The roads were terrible once the humans hit northern New Brunswick. It was just so cold that when you blink your eyes your lids freeze together for a split second. They had to get a hotel the first night because their sleeping bags were only rated for -20, and it was -37 outside. A hot bath and a warm bed was just fine with my human Mom!

When they get to Montreal everyone is meeting at Huguette's house. It is a nice place for everyone to meet and get to know Maggi. Thank you Huguette! We get to meet Huguette's Irish Wolfhounds....

And Earl Grey! Hehehe!

...and two adorable Irish Wolfhound puppies!

Aren't they cute? They are 9 weeks old and the size of labradors--hehehe!

...and uh oh...what is going on here?

Is my human dad going to go home with one of these puppies? Hehehe!

And now Maggi comes in and this is the first time the humans get to finally meet their new girl.

Of course Maggi is scared because she is in a new place AGAIN and has to map it out. She uses her nose and her scruff to map out a room. All the smells and sounds are new and strange. She has already travelled for hours and hours, and now she must travel all the way home to Nova Scotia.

Too bad there is not some way to let Maggi know she is going to her forever home.

Katherine has been fostering Maggi. She loves her very much. It is so hard to say goodbye and let poor Maggi go somewhere new again. Everyone just hopes and prays it is the best thing for Maggi.

Maggi did not fuss the whole way home. My human mom sat in the back and cuddled and comforted her. It was so cold my human dad just drove and drove and drove. Maggi got 4 stops and never complained once.

Everyone loves Maggi right away. She tries to sit on everyone. She mapped out the house and had it down pat in five minutes. Maggi bumps into everything. She has a hard head and a sweet heart. She is just so KIND. It is amazing how well she adapts to new people and new surroundings.

There was some issues with Maggi's food. She can not free feed. Because she has known starvation she will eat and eat and eat. She was posessive of her food and snapped at me. She was aggressive towards me when we were excited for our walkie and in a tight area. My human mom called the Zen Godmother of cats and dogs in Nova Scotia, Janet. Janet helped my human mom and let her cry. She told her some good tricks. She also said everyone is still cranky and tired, so imagine how cranky and tired Maggi would be! time to go back to bed!...And within 12 hours things had changed so much my human couldn't believe she over reacted so much.

We think Maggi is going to be the perfect fit. We would like to thank Cindy again and EVERYONE else who was involved in bringing Maggi home! We are once again, The Splorin Wolfie"S" !!!!!


  1. I had to stop reading to wipe the tears from my eyes. I would have taken her in a heartbeat! Thank you! I know we have an IW in our future!

    Our Rosie has gone almost blind too with her diabetes but I'm so glad she doesn't have to change her surroundings. It truly is amazing how they adapt.

    I wrote a post I know you will understand.

  2. Welcome home Maggi! I know you will finally have the life you deserve as you settle into your new home with your wonderful family. I can't wait to follow along as Guinness shows you around your beautiful new world.

    P.S. Tell your human dad that his packing and preparation looks just right to me. Just ask Parsley ;-)

  3. Maggi knows she is someplace different, but what she doesn't know is she has found The Perfect Home with a wonderful family.

    Blessings on you all for the work you have done to find her and bring her home. She will learn so much from Guinness!

    Until they all have homes,

    Stella (and Jo)

  4. Oh my goodness how exciting to have such a special girl. She is a beauty. Guiness you must be thrilled to have a new sister. Your mom is a good person for adopting Maggi
    Benny & Lily

  5. Dearest Guinness, Maggi, Mommy and Daddy - Our hearts are full to bursting (as a matter of fact Mommy started leaking).

    Bobo and Meja and Mommy

  6. I'm so happy for you and for Maggie!

  7. Well, isn't that just the most bloody, brilliant thing I've read in a good long while! I'm so happy for you all and of course Maggi! In my experience, it takes adopted pets about a month to adjust and for their true beautiful selves to emerge. It will be fun for you all to watch her blossom!


  8. Wow, what an adventure! But it looks like you and your new sister are getting along good now. You do look a lot alike. But your face is a little more curly-furred than Maggi's!

  9. Congratulations on this beautiful new member to your family she is just so beautiful. The puppy were so cute is amazing how big they are already there probably bigger then us from Angus & Milo

  10. OMG!!! Mom's been totally neglecting me & the bloggie cuz she's been on vacation in Hawaii. She got back last night and is soooo excited to read about your new family member!

    Can't wait to hear more about this sweet girl. A HUGE slobbery 'thank you' for taking her in.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  11. Welcome home, Maggi - you have come to wonderful home. You are gorgeous and we know that you and Guinness will do so well together. Just wait until you meet Groucho:)

    We kept waiting to see one of those puppies there too, but probably not the best time for Maggi.

    Congrats to all and may you all have fun and good times together.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Welcome HOME Maggi!!!
    This is a GREAT post! So happy the the splorin wolfies are complete again!
    That picture of you spooning her is the cutest! I can barely tell you two apart... she looks like she's a little brindled?
    Those puppies! OMG! So cute!
    I am bursting with happiness because of this post! Can't wait to hear more of how she settles in and her great new life!

  13. awwwwwe I'm so proud of you all, welcome home Maggi!

  14. Looks like Maggi is settling in. It is amazing how quickly dogs can adjust. We hope she realises that she is HOME for good soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Can't wait for her to meet Groucho--but maybe that shouldn't be too soon.

  15. Wow! What a wonderful story! Gotta go find the kleenex. Welcome home Maggi!

  16. Harooooo to woo Maggi! Welcome to your furever home!! I know you will find da love woo always wanted and deserved!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  17. Welcome Maggi...she has a good friend...and a nice home now....

  18. Welcome home Maggi!! What an adventure you have had on the way home. I too had to wipe a few tears. I hope that Maggi will soon forget all her troubles. The pictures of Guinness and Maggi together are great, and after only one day! Guinness, you must be so happy. I can't wait to see more of you showing her around.

    Also, I can't believe those puppies were only 9 weeks old. Holly Cow!

    Hugs to everyone!

  19. Thank you for giving "little" Maggie a second chance!!! I am sure she will have a long and wonderful life with you all! That story really warms my heart!:-)

  20. Hurray!
    Sure it was an adventure!
    Welcome home, Maggi!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. I've read this story 16 times today, I love it so much, and I've made all my friends read it, and they love it so much too! :-)

  22. She will soon learn that she is in the best home ever and that you will guard and protect her and keep her out of trouble. She just needs a bit of space. It all must be so scary.


  23. Oh my, that is such a sad but happy story. yes, we can only be patient when doggies have gone through so much and need to settle. i expect that you may have more than just 1 trying time like that, but it gets easier and easier. After 2.5 years together, Loki had a little "stress-out" a few weeks ago and reacted to something in negative/aggressive way after having had trained and worked with him for so long. i of course freaked out but after talking to his original foster who had said, chill... you will find things out all the time like this. he's in a new country with new smells and new rules and boundaries (no more free run of the yard, boo hoo) and lots less stress relieving activities for him to do... when i chilled, he chills. so just remember that with every misstep there will be many more victories and happy times for her. it will take some time and even when you think everything is ironed out... there may be something she shows you again. just keep moving forward. I'm so happy Maggi has a great home!

  24. jani, Just one look and were in love!! all our best wishes Hanke , maude and roslyn

  25. Maggi is a beauty! Guinness must be beyond himself to have anew playmate....the stress of both your parts must have been monumental so 'a good cry' cleanses the soul and then you can move on. You have made a grand and wise decision. So looking frwd to the NEW adventures! Cheers and welcome home.

  26. What a beautiful, bittersweet story. It gave me watery eyes to read the life Maggi has lived, and how terrified and confused she must have been with all the constant changes and new people and new surroundings and new environments. And to be blind on top of all that! Just breaks my heart. But, now she is safe, and has her forever home, and an amazing family and life ahead of her!

    You are wonderful to give her this new life. She is a beautiful dog, and obviously has a beautiful Soul. Glad it all worked out and everyone is safely home. And glad that Maggi's initial negative behavior was just from stress and frustration and scary feelings of being in a new place with new people, and another dog! Sometimes humans forget that dogs can experience those emotions.

    Welcome Maggi! :->


  27. Hi! We are new to your blog. Our Mamma has never seen an IW in the flesh. They look HUGE! She loves big doggies. I am big but not tall. Anyway, we look forward to more IW stories.


    PS Looks like Maggie is very happy & will fit in just fine!

  28. Oh my goodness, Guiness - I've been so out of the loop with blog friends and am only just now catching up slowly - and I can't believe your exciting, happy news!!! Welcome to Maggie!! That was a huge adventure your humans went on to bring her home but what a wonderful story. My human was crying reading it - we are just astounded at Maggie's spirit. And we think your humans are wonderful, wonderful people (and of course, you're a wonderful doggie!) - it's great how Maggie has settled so quickly into her new home. And yes - how wonderful that you're the SPLORIN WOLFIESSSSS again!!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  29. Yep, my mom person is crying on her keyboard. We pray that Maggi will be your missing piece.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  30. Welcome to your Forever Home Maggi
    Love Ruby & Penny