Monday, September 20, 2010

Guinness makes the World a Better Place

Guinness here and I have the biggest news to ever hit my bloggy! These are our new friends Doug and Waveney from California! They came all the way to Nova Scotia just to meet me!

It is true! They found me through the fantastic Blog and wanted to come see all my special 'splorin places for themselves!

And Waveney made us this cross stitch of me and Saige. We were all so touched and moved by this thoughtfulness that after they left my human mom stared and stared at it.

She could not believe all the little ways she had captured me and Saige without even meeting us... but just by looking at our pictures.

Hehehe...Saige and I were always cuddling together where we were not suppose to be!

While we were having a nice seafood lunch who shows up but old Gladys Kravitz. You just know he can not keep his nose in his own business. He said he is the star of my blog and everyone would want to meet him. Cheeky.

Our new friends got to see a few of our special places....

...and discuss fishin' and the weather with some locals...hehehe! The only sad part is they never got to meet Saige.

But they stayed the night at Crick Hollow, and got to stay by the tree where Saige always played. So they got to feel her spirit.

And when we went back up to the cabin after they left, we saw that they left a beautiful wildflower bouquet for her. Sob sob sniff. Doug and Waveney wanted to see the rest of Nova Scotia and Quebec-- not sure why ;-) -- so they could only stay one night. But my human fell right in love with them and wished they would have stayed longer. There was just so much more to see. And there was one famous 'splorin Wolfies road that we drove right by but just didn't have time to stop and explore...

So perhaps we will just let Saige show you now instead. Farewell dear friends. And where ever you may be...

.................................Safe Travels...


  1. That is the nicest gift I think I have ever known of. It's adorable too. What a wonderful couple! Oh- is that a Novi boat in the pic? I'm not sure... I'm glad you are still blogging, you have great things to share.

  2. What a lovely visit! And I love that big sky pic!

  3. What a sweet post - nice to meet new AND nice friends and nice to share the memories. That cross stitch was beautiful. If we can find our way to Nova Scotia, one day we would love to meet you too:) AND Gladys Kravitz too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. What a fun visit. We met some great people from Canada and I told them about our 'friends' on the internet. I'd feel lucky to meet you all.

  5. What a fantastic story! I love hearing about people meeting this way. I have many special friends who I first discovered online -- your own self included!

    What a special couple they are to extend such kindness all the way from California!

    Pat & Teddy

  6. What an awesome gift. It made me all weepy for Saige. Its amazing how the blog world can bring people together.

  7. What a great story!
    Had a tear in my eye.

  8. That is so cool! What a blessing for everyone :)

  9. Awe.........what a beautiful gift! Made me a bit sad............but all in all, a wonderful story!

  10. What cool new friends. Love the stitch art of you and Saige. Bet you had lots of fun
    Happee Wednesday
    Benny & Lily

  11. oh no my momma has tears streaming down her face, we didnt know about saige, we are sooooo sorry for your loss, your words are strong and beautiful but we feel bad we havent visited you sooner, stay strong and stay proud... loves and licks

  12. Hi Guiness - thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog recently and I'm SO happy to see that you have decided to continue blogging. It just wouldn't be the same without you!

    What a beautiful gift from your visitors and how amazing to make such special friends from so far away. My humans hope that they might be able to visit Nova Scotia too one day!

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. Well of course they came to see you. You are a celebrity. I love that picture of you and Miss Saige. What a happy sad thing to gaze upon. Very nice.


  14. They must have had the BEST visit ever ... haha why they would want to visit Quebec...( haha ) I do not know ;) .

    I am so glad they got to see and experience some of the places that were special for all of you.

  15. Oh, what a pawsome visit and the best gift ever! And so sweet they left beautiful flowers for Saige.

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  16. Just flew in tonight and had to read your blog. We miss you so much. You, Mr Guiness were the best of hosts and the fond memories of our trip will be cherished in our hearts forever. I can see we are the envy of dogdom and rightly so. You may have to open a B&B especially when the word gets out about your human mom's sea food caserole. mountains of love, Doug and Waveney

  17. We are so envious - you got to meet Waveney and Doug and they got to meet you!! Isn't it wonderful how blogs bring people together who would never have been able to meet in the past.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  18. Love the secret road with Saige. And the wildflower bouquet was the most poignant thing we've ever seen. Seems like Nova Scotia's the most beautiful place in the known Universe!


    Buster, Sephie, Bailey & Gracie

  19. Awww...I so love this post! How surreal it seems that we are so connected through bloggy land! It is just fantastic that they made the trip out to meet the NS celebrities! My eyes teared up when I read they left Saige a bouquet of wildflowers. That is just how Doug and Wave are! They adore YOU all, too!

    ok, kick down that casserole recipe that I heard about. *giggle!*

    much love and affection,