Tuesday, October 20, 2009

f-ASS-ion Statement

Guinness here. We were out for a walk last weekend with our buddy Groucho and he made me post this picture of his butt. He wanted to show all the dogs how he color co-ordinates with the seasons. Poor little weird guy. ANYwhooooooooooo........
I have a fashion statement all my own. Like my new winter coat?
Actually, I went to a dog show last weekend and there was a bit of a consensus that I need to get my coat stripped....

So stay tuned for my look!

And look who I finally met at the dog show! My new buddy Rohan! Well my human can't believe she didn't get some better pictures of the handsome dude, but you know how it is with shows. There is no messing around, serious business you see.

Well Rohan is telling me here that we have to get together later for some play time. He actually couldn't care less about the "SHOWS". I mean let's get serious for a minute. What do the judges know about fashion. Who cares if you're "a bit long in the stifles" when you have black velvet ears against a wheaton coat! Now who has got the best fashion statement, huh?


  1. I bet the ladies will go wild over Groucho's bottom. Hehehe.

    I like your wild scruffy look. Please don't get stripped. Besides, stripping is just the first step to your downfall. First stripping, then gambling, and what next? I shudder to think.


  2. Is getting your coat stripped anything like getting (shudder) brushed?
    I hope your bipeds decide against it. I think you look great as is!

  3. Stripping your fur coat? won't you be cold?

  4. Groucho has a great but.
    Mom says I need to have my coat stripped to get rid of the blonde fuzz. I've never had it done either. Can't wait to see your results.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  5. Wooos! Stripping you bald, argggg! I think not! you will freeze up there in the north, besides I love your huge fluffy scraggly look!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. I get a leeeetle bit chilly not that I been stripped of ALL my HAIR but I just climb on Pawpa's lap and warm. I move kinda fast on my walk though so I can get home...

    Grrrrs from Gizzy

  7. Rohan here. Dude, you look great just as you are. If the Hoomans want to get us together lets split for a run with Saige.
    What's up with groucho's butt.....
    Is mine colour coordinated??
    Hope to play with you soon.

  8. HAHAHA! Rohan, you don't need a color coordinated ass with ears like that!

  9. We thought Groucho's butt was looking colour co-ordinated.
    Our mum thinks we match autumn well too!!!
    We think you need to hang onto your fur coats for the winter!!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  10. Wouldn't it do as much good as to give you a good brushing? Lots of dead hair will come out then. I am afraid to tell you that I heard stripping hurtz! If it does, just bite the groomer and they will finish in no time!


  11. It's a bit chilly out there to go out in your pajamas!! We're through with stripping until spring.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

    PS - When those hairs are ready to come out, stripping doesn't hurt - it feels good.

  12. BOL!!!! Love the pics!!! Poor Groucho!!!!

    lotsa licks,

  13. we think you fur is fine just the way it is - but we look forward to your new look - your buddy looks very handsome - hope you had a great time

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  14. I've heard that stripping is no fun, but if you get it I'm sure you'll look great. Of course I think you look perfect the way you are!

    Groucho is very kind to want to share his butt with all of your fans!

  15. Hi Guys!!

    I used to go to dog shows but haven't been in a long time.

    Say Hi to Groucho for me. Everyone in my Mom's Afghan Hound Club is so happy he is doing so well. We are glad you are keeping us posted.


  16. O Guinness I know you'll look handsome with scruffy fur or short fur!

    Darcy's mumma :-)

  17. Nothing butt wolfies!!! Pawsome!!!
    And we think you look beautiful just the way you are!

    Xena used to get stripped, many years ago - in her former life as a Show Girl! Now, in her retirement - she prefers a quick clipping!

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  18. Our momma understands about not reading some of the awful stuff that happens to dogs and cats and other animals. She avoids all of the photos she can and WON'T watch the movies. But, at the same time, she believes that it is furry important to let the public know about such horrible happenings.

  19. Oh yes, you SHAKE that tush Groucho, work it boy, work it! He he - we appreciate the stylin' of a two tone butt, we feel that they're the most handsome butts around, he he he! From your 'two-tone-butted' pals - JD and Max.

  20. Hi there...

    Your new admirers here.

    Love the two-toned tushie there Groucho, you're certainly one cool wolfie...

    Nellie & Calvert