Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unbelievable Burgeo--the final chapter.

Hi there--I am a Newfoundland Irish Wolfhound. HaHa just kidding. There are over 200,000 Moose in Newfoundland! We are not native to "The Rock" but were introduced in 1878 from Nova Scotia and our numbers have flourished ever since! It is very uncommon to go to Newfoundland and NOT see a moose. We like to eat the small woody plants and shrubs along the road so motorists must always be careful. Now it is hunting season though--so we are mostly hiding in the woods.
Today the humans are off to Burgeo and you won't believe it when you see it on a map. See on the very bottom corner the coastal town of Burgeo? Well, look at the red and white dotted road that cuts down the Province and then hooks up to the highway. That is the strangest road and ONLY goes to Burgeo. There is no other roads, houses, towns or communities the entire 2 hour drive. It is a road to Burgeo and that is all. This road was not built until 1979 and before that there was only coastal boat service available.

And here is a wonderful story. The humans were invited to stay in Burgeo at their friend Tiffany's house. Tiffany just purchased the house as a summer cottage. A long time ago the house was built by her Great- Great- Grandfather from England. It was the 2nd house ever to be built in Burgeo.

The house is over on that little Island, which is now attatched to the mainland by a small bridge.

Here are Tiffany's parents and Tiffany's mom is happy that the house is back in the family as she was raised here as a little girl! Her parents still live in Burgeo--down the road in a new house.

The house is about 160 years old and retains much of it's old charm. See how the kitchen is big and warm? It is because the kitchen was the main living area in the old days. Even still today in the Maritimes the humans all have "kitchen parties" where everyone eats, sings, and plays live music.

The original staircase still has the old textured wallpaper!

And upstairs are four adorable, tiny, corner bedrooms.

some of Tiffany's Great Aunts and Uncles were born in the bedrooms. her "Uncle Stanly" who we met at the general store. He asked if we saw the claw marks on the wall. HAHAHA!

And here is a funny story while you are looking at the bedrooms. At that General Store most things are in bulk. If you want ketchup, you better be ready to by 3.72 liters of it. And Christa said something funny: "Wow, this Store has everything you need, knitting supplies, strawberry wine, plastic ducks..." haha--perhaps you had to be there...

In the morning, Janice's brother, Peter, snaps a picture of her on the warf out the window.

She is watching the Cod fisherman getting ready.

Here is the view in front of the house.

There use to be a building on this island! Local resident Keith MacDonald told them so when he picked them up for a random tour around the town. Hehehe. He was waiting for his son to get out of bed and kept driving back and forth by his house because he was scared of the cranky wife inside. So to pass the time he told them to hop on in. Keith's mother had 20 kids in Burgeo and kept the same crib by her bedside til the day she died.

Burgeo from the Bridge.

Burgeo from the back of the house. Peter took this panorama. He is a professional and you can check out his amazing photography here:
After all, if you don't have Peter MacDonald photography then you just have a picture.

There are 7 beaches at Burgeo. They are named 1 through 7 except for two of them--those ones have real names (?!). Here are some pictures of the beach--the first 3 are Pete's! They look great if you click and biggify them!

Tribal council.

The Tribe has spoken..

Tiffany's parents had them to their house for lunch. Tiffany's Dad also set Janice and Christa with a cabin in the crew's quarters for the long ferry ride back to Nova Scotia at 11:30 that night. He is Senior Captain of the Ferry so the girls were SO lucky! It means that they slept in comfy beds while the other passengers had a rough night at sea on the recliner seats! Thank you to the entire family for such wonderful Newfoundland hospitality--what a great treat!

Newfoundland gave a spectacular show right to the last minute.


  1. So glad to have you guys here and that you enjoyed yourselves so much! Thanks for the link.

  2. Wow, my mom person is now raving at my dad person about us having to visit this beautiful place!

  3. Hi, friends!
    Looking at your pictures makes my mom think about her boring life here!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. What a cozy little house. Momma would love those corner bedrooms (I would not go near those stairs). And they got the comfy beds on the boat!


  5. Oh, what beautiful pictures, we have enjoyed our "armchair" travels along with you!
    Our hoomans bestest friends hubby is from Nfld!!! Gorgeous province!

    PS - We don't have any mooses in PEI!! (or deer or bear or porcupines!!) Got any to spare?

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  6. I sure wish my human had time to go to Newfoundland when she went to the Maritimes...(whistling) what a beautiful place!! My humans' boyfriend is now being pressured to take us both out to see "the rest" of the Maritimes.