Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blow-Me-Down: Newfoundland Part 3

Hi! We are Woodland Caribou native to Newfoundland. We prefer to eat the lichens of the barren lands, so these mountainous areas are where you will find us! There are about 100,000 of us in this beautiful province.
And don't be fool by these pictures--they are from a showcase with miniatures-HAHAHA!!! The human girls were trying to trick the human man back home in Nova Scotia. He shipped those girls off with winter boots and parkas. He said there would be snow and freezing temperature and we would see Santa's reindeer. But it was hot and sunny the entire trip so the girls fooled him with these pictures when they got home. So now the gig is up--HeHeHe!!!!

So now Janice and Christa are going to hike in a place called Blow-Me-Down.

Oh yes, and how do you like their new Newfoundland sweaters?
They are going to a waterfall that is fed from way up there on that mountain.

Here it is!

There is no sediment or silt in the water so you can see straight to the bottom. It is about 12 feet deep rigth there in the middle of this pool.

It is hard to see in a picture but the water is absolutely crystal green.

On the way back there is a lovely view of the new autumn colors.There is a lot of inland ocean in Newfoundland as you can see!

See you tomorrow for the last part of the trip!


  1. Loving the terrain - must stop saying it is like Scotland but oh dear it is!!!
    We would have to chase you with those jumpers on.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Oh how bootious a place! (Love the jokester caribou pix heheh!) We saw caribou for the first time in Alaska last May - lovely with a backdrop of Denali, but I'm totally ogling those pix of the sediment-less stream water! Gorgeous. You must be having the best time!
    xo Sammie and mom

  3. I have LOVED seeing these pictures! (Mom, too! OK... maybe especially her...)
    That waterfall and the clear water are incredible!
    Tail wags,

  4. That is amazing that the water is so clear! Never seen anything like that.

    I like the matching sweaters too.


  5. Wooos! It was hard to believe that water was 12 feet deep, it looks like the water in the keys of Florida, green and clear... beawootiful!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. Beautiful!
    Yes, the sweaters are pawesome too!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. What spectacular vistas! It's like being about to see what paradise must have been like. The sweaters get an A+, cool!

  8. Neat pix and Great sweaters. (Could use a sweater like that here too!) Hadn't thought much about going to Newfoundland until we met a fellow while we were in NS who was going over on the ferry from Sydney. He made it sound interesting and, now, so have you.

  9. I like those sweaters, do you think they make them with schnauzers on the back.

    Again, amazing scenery!