Friday, October 2, 2009

A Few Important Things.....

Guinness here, and I finally got my bloggy back. Our gorgeous Great Dane buddy Mr. Darcy over at just had spinal surgery and his owners say he is not doing so well. When I had my surgery it was the same thing and I almost didn't make it. I needed a second surgery the next day and the vets asked the humans if they wanted to bother. After the 2nd surgery all my legs stopped working and I couldn't walk or roll over or anything. That anesthetic knocks the crap out of us big guys. How would you feel after surgery?--sheesh!!!
I fought though...and several months went by before I came around. If I chose not to fight that would have been ok too--it was a long ol' winter that year. We are never here for long enough and so all you can do is enjoy every day you have with us. We do not know our lives are short. It is a problem for you humans, but not for us. What is important is that we have a full life of adventure and spending time with our humans and eating good treats. It is better to have lived a short life of love and laughter than a long life of neglect and boredom.
We 3 bums are thinking hard on you Mr. Darcy! Keep fighting beautiful big guy!

And good ol' Groucho is getting strong and gaining weight.

Everyone we meet says Groucho makes them smile. You can't look at this silly little clown and not giggle.

He has a stay at home human mom who loves him --Groucho helps out with her home office job. He has a teenage human boy to sleep with at night and a human dad who is very proud of him!

And we would like to make a special announcement. Our buddy Diego Dog over at belongs to a club called THE EVERGREEN AFGHAN HOUND CLUB in Kirkland , WA
Well, they have made a very generous donation to Groucho and everyone was really quite touched by it. And that donation will go to Groucho's health care check up next week. He needs a good going over to make sure he is in good standing. Thank you so very much to Deigo's humans and the Evergreen Club--we can't believe it.

...AND... I just have one more important thing to say. I really like to bob for apples. Love Guinness.


  1. Thank you for those good words for Mr. Darcy. Momma does fret because she says it is so hard to know when to carry on and when to let go. I don't know if she would have had the courage to nurse you back to health, but it all worked out for you, right?


  2. We are all keeping warm and loving thoughts for Mr. Darcy. Like the book, its easy to fall in love with him!


  3. We do hope Mr Darcy decides to fight through like you did Guinness.
    We so agree with your canine reflections on life and death - we reckon we are lucky cos we really don't have to worry about the future.
    We just enjoy what is now and as you so wisely say a short life happy and well loved isn't so bad.
    Lovely to hear about Groucho too - he really is one lucky dog who fell on his paws.
    A stay at home human is the best!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Guinness, We are sure glad you fought back from a back injury. When we say our paw prayers, we will remember Mr. Darcey. Groucho is a very lukcy big dog.
    Sally Ann

  5. First, yes, you dogs take everything one day at a time and take each pitfall in stride. Humans need to be much more like their canine companions. They need to watch them. They need to think like them. They need to celebrate each and every day just like their dog!

    Second, we think that you should practice a lot with your bobbing skills cuz Halloweenie is just around the corner and you might need to do that at a PAWty!

  6. What a beautiful post, Guinness. We've been praying so hard for Mr. Darcy; your words gave us more hope!!!
    And we love your outlook on life. So very true!
    Play bows,
    PS: Thanks for the kind comment on today's post! :)

  7. Hi Guinness and Saige - you are such wise dogs and articulate so very well. Our humans took great comfort in your words - sometimes they forget that we live in the moment and simply enjoy being happy 'in the now' so that a short happy life is so, so much more preferable than a long, sad one. That said, we hope that Mr Darcy fights like you did Guiness.

    We're so pleased to hear about Groucho - he's such a cheeky and handsome chap! He's always grinning - it's wonderful! No wonder his new mom fell in love with him - and what a great family he's gone onto - good for him, he deserves it!

    And Guinness - you look like a master apple bobber to us!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  8. What an encouraging story about your back surgery! We're going to go over and shoot Mr. Darcy some good thoughts.

  9. OH, Guinness - you really said it so well. I so agree - especially the bit about having a full short life is better than a long, neglected one...and it is so true that we doggies live in the moment and just enjoy life for all the little things - something that humans (for all their advanced machines and stuff!) have yet to learn!

    I never knew that you had a big nasty operation too, Guiness! Glad to hear that you pulled though - I hope Mr Darcy will be able to fight like you too.

    Yes, us big doggies do have too short a time - my human says that is the saddest thing about loving us. That's why she always tries to make my life as full and as interesting as possible - and to spend lots of time with me, even if other people laugh at her and call her "pathetic" for doing so much doggie stuff - she says she doesn't understand why people laugh at you for spending time doing things with your dog but they think it is OK to spend all weekend walking around hitting a little ball with a stick or going shopping, buying lots of things you don't need or drinking lots of that stinky liquid that makes you act silly or even spending all your time killing people in computer games!

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. Hi Guiness - I didn't know that you had such a serious operation either. What a comeback you made, dear G. Also - extremely nice gesture on Diego's part for Groucho. I love reading about such generosity! And I have crossed paws for Mr. Darcy bigtime.
    Hugs hugs and Love,

  11. w00fs, me will add me crossed paws fur Mr Darcy too...and mama will say her prayers for him..

    b safe,

  12. Hi Guiness
    We visited Mr. Darcy & left well wishes. Groucho is a sweetheart, just like you & Saige.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  13. We've got our paws crossed for Mr. Darcy!!!

    That was very nice of Diego's club to help Groucho's family.

    Princess Eva

  14. I have my paws crossed for Mr. Darcy!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Thanks Saige and Guinness and dear Groucho (and of course Janice :-D )
    I have really appreciated your comments on Darcy's blog. They were very encouraging for me to remember that Guinness had made it through similar problems too. Thankyou for writing about him, I appreciate it so much!
    I haven't been able to visit him today (as the hospital is technically not open) so I have been able to visit Darcy's friends' blogs which I have been neglecting!

    Darcy's mumma

  16. Lots of prayers and kisses being sent to Mr. Darcy, for a fully recovery!
    We've been there too; operations are no fun!

    ((hugs)) Your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  17. My mom person is praying for Mr. Darcy and his people. I'll go by and see him again right now.

    How wonderful about Groucho's new home and the donation. It's amazing how much dog bloggers stick together to help their own.

    I think that apple bobbing looks like fun!

  18. Groucho is the cutest boy on earth! Mom is all melty looking at his pictures. Maybe she should have gotten a Groucho instead of a Greyhound. Doesn't really matter. I would probably ignore both of them anyway and only secretly be happy they were here.