Friday, March 18, 2011

Groucho Fakes His Own Death and Other News

Hi! It's me-Guinness! Do you guys know I won 3rd prize in the Good ol' Boys category over at Mangominster?

It's true! But now the bad news --- I have to tell Groucho. He took it pretty hard when he did not win. Remember?

I decide to tell him when we are out for our walkie. Who knows what he will do. Gulp.

Ok... so here we go, now. First Groucho turns himself into a rooster. He goes into a mad frenzy.

Then he totally passes out cold. He is all about the drama. His human has to revive him with CPR. See? We bring him home to recover.

We finally make it back home and look! My prize has arrived from Jed and Abby all the way from Maryland in America! Me and Maggi got little lights to wear so we will show up at night--and on those thick, foggy Nova Scotia mornings! And look! I got a portable water bottle. Won't that be great for all our adventures and back country 'splorin?

And did you notice? I got an elephant stuffie. Everyone one knows I LOVE stuffies! Thank you so much Jed and Abby! We thought your gift was exceptional--very well thought out indeed! We sure do hope it was not too much trouble!

Best of all--I got these liver treats! I shared them with Groucho. He is starting to come around!

I remind Groucho that last year HE won 3rd place in Mangominster and he shared HIS prize with us--remember? So now I am doing the same for him. That seems to satisfy Groucho. He said he wasn't upset anymore, and that it didn't matter anyways because he will probably win next year. Gulp. I hope this year goes by really slow..... in fact, I hope that by next year Groucho forgets all about Mangominster.
Thanks again Jed and Abby--we are truely touched by your thoughtful gift! Love Guinness, Maggi and GrouchOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


  1. You, Groucho and Maggie are winners every day! Just without all the extra pressies! Gloria

  2. Both of your should have been number one for talent and good looks and humor☺

  3. You're all winners! I wish I could give you all a great big hug!!

  4. Very cool and thoughtful prizes! But Groucho, What a DRAMA QUEEN!! Thanks, you three for the morning giggle :-)

  5. Oh Guiness that goodness you revived Groucho and shared your treats. Who knows what he would have turned into, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Excellent prize - perfect for Nova Scotia 'splorin :) Good luck with Groucho, Afghans are born drama queens!

  7. Great prizes for your big win - Cpngrats, Guinness. We think maybe next year should be Maggi's turn but maybe Groucho and you can each win a different category. Whew, the Momster is so glad that Groucho is OK, she was worried with that title:)

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Congrats, my friend! Well done! Don't worry Groucho sometimes we have to let others win....

  9. What great prizes! That elephant stuffy is super cute!
    Groucho... such a drama queen... I mean king.

  10. We're so glad your prizes got there safely and that Groucho has come to terms with the passing of the torch or crown or whatever. Cutting him in on the action is definitely a good idea.

    Jed & Abby

  11. Perhaps I will have a special category next year for dogs of questionable origin. The human was most clever to do the CPR. How did she even know where to push? Are his innards in the same place as a normal dog?

    The lights for evening walks are the best. Of course I do not go walkies after dark, but Pea uses his all the time.

    It is great to see doggies getting their prizes. Maybe it will inspire momma to do the certificates.


  12. Hey Guinness!
    Wow, a big congrats to you for your big win! Great prizes...nice goodies. I'm sure Groucho will be slow to recover, but I'm glad you're helping him out. He needs to gather his strength to get ready for next year's Mangominster. I'm gonna go out on a limb and bet there won't be a chicken category, so he should maybe stick with is wolfie self. Just a thought. (Thanks for the chuckle!)
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Shouldn't Groucho attend drama school, learn to channel all his talents, be in the movies, on stage, and television. I think this is what he is trying to tell you!


  14. Congratulations on your win dude! Tell Groucho not to pout too much,his time will come!


  15. I knows Groucho was just pullin' yer tails. Afghans are fer layin' on aren't they...just sayin'!