Thursday, September 17, 2009

I's the B'y

So, the human girls are going away on a little girls trip. We are staying home with our human Dad. They are going to Canada's most beautiful province. Can you guess from the title where they are going? Well here are some other hints. These are all names of places in the province we will visit:

Dildo, Come-by Chance, Cat Gut, Joe Batt's Arm, Blow-me-Down, Conception Bay, Run-by-Guess...

Now can you guess? It is the province with the strangest names in the world.... but you must figure it out yourself!
Until then, we will leave you with some pictures from the archives. See you when we get back!

Side by Each

Silver, Saige's Sister

In the Fall, we wear vests so hunters don't mistake us for deer!

Ahhhh..finally got my brace out!

South Shore, Nova Scotia

Guinness found a lobster trap!

Helping Christa with her homework!

Blizzard outside! Blizzard inside!

We straightened Guinness' hair! no...just kidding

Loch Ness sighting

Puppy Saige, (6 months) table surfing.

Erica(human mom's sister) with her chihuahua

Puppy Saige. Bandana girls!

Panda. Rest peacefully sweet girl.

Sister Erica with her most gorgeous boy Bullet. Look at those eyes. R.I.P Bullet

Bee in Sunflower

Our first road trip with Guinness. Sweet Puppy Guinness with Christa

First there was just puppy Saige (10 months). Seems strange now...

Cute wolfhound puppies (not mine!)

c'mon--rub my belly--you know you want to!

yes, i am THIS cute!

Two favorite girls.


  1. Those were some wonderful photos and will keep me quite satisfied for several days. Glad my little sign came in handy. Just in time, huh?

    I am most fond of the photos with your peoples. They sure love you two.


  2. I know I know I know! See ya soon sister!

  3. hehehehehe! we are taking the boat at 11:30 tomorrow night---she wants to visit some of her friends at St. F.X.--then we want to see a bit of the Cabot trail

  4. We are also about to go off for a break and have borrowed the Out of Office poster!
    Loved all your pics today - great post. Your human girls looked very pretty in their pic - well for bipeds!!!!
    We will have a think about the name of the Province you are going to visit - we loved the idea of Conception Bay!!!
    Have a great time girls - look after Dad Saige & Guinness - promise not to both sit on him at the one time!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  5. We know where you are going, well mom does. Have a great girl trip.
    Thanks for sharing all those pics. You guys make such a nice family.
    We're glad you wear those vests.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. Great photos. I'll have my husband drool over them after camping. Have a great weekend.

  7. What a trip down memory lane. Thanks so much for sharing those special moments.

  8. I have no idea but I am sure the girls are going to have a pawesome time!
    Have fun with your Dad!
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. We don't have a guess - but do think those vests are a good idea!
    Tail wags,

  10. Oooh - so many wonderful photos - it's so hard to pick a favourite!! My human's is the "Loch Ness" picture - she says it is just so beautiful. I think I like the one of you guys in the snow...and the first one - your human girls look gorgeous!! Are they going to a special party or something? Hey, those vests are a great idea!

    Honey the Great Dane

  11. By the way - why is there a photo of Mango & Dexter on your blog??

  12. Your dogs are gorgeous and your pics are great! I will enjoy following this blog!

  13. Wonderful pictures. Loved the memory lane pics. The big guys are gorgeous and you all look so happy.
    Ernie & Sasha

  14. i LOVE these photos..... but what was with teh brace? What happened? (must read back blog!)

    We're back from cornwall and have load more pics to upload. (eventually).
    Hugs to all

    K & co

  15. Hi wolfies - oh, we're gonna miss you but what a FEAST of wonderful photographs you have left us with to keep us going for a few days! See you soon - schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  16. Hi
    I came to see how you used Mango's sign. And saw all your great pictures. Hope your humans have fun.

  17. What a nice set of pictures! I can't wait to hear where your female people went.

  18. Have fun in Newfoundland! We're jealous because we've never been that far east. We live in Montreal now, but we are westerners. Maybe this summer. Mom really wants to go do all of it.


  19. Loved all the pics....hope the vacation is great!!

  20. Woooos! Those are some terrific photos, my favorite is the Loch Ness picture, too funny! I hope your Mom has fun in Newfoundland!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful