Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maggi's Grievance

Maggi here, reporting from the farm!
 Do you know what my human said about me????

 I heard him say I was nothin' but an ol' waste of fur!  ;-)

But I don't think he really meant it...

 Do you?



  1. Looks to us like you have him securely wrapped around your beautiful paws.

    Mama just stumbled upon the existence of St. Pierre & Miquelon. We had no idea there was still French territory so close to Canada. Doesn't sound like either side is very strict about passports and people are pretty free to come and go. Have you ever been there?

    1. our next door neighbours are from St.Pierre and Miquelon so they indeed are citizens of Canada and France! Yes--you actually DO need a passport to enter, and you can get there by boat from Newfoundland. I have not been, but have been to Newfoundland countless times--which has the same landscape and savage beauty. you may be interested in checking out the Magdeline Islands as well. They belong to Quebec so are french speaking as well. Lovely little islands all connected by long narrow sand dunes. you get there by ferry from prince edward island. The houses are all painted bright beautiful colors and the people are magical. there is strange embalance of men to women ratio. I have been fascinated with isolated communities as long as i can remember. you would be fascinated to go on google earth and explore up the coast from Burgeo in Newfoundland. there you will see tiny little ports, small sweet fishing villages that have no roads, and are excessable only by boat or plane, once a week. (look for francois, grey river, ramea) there are no cars. it is wonderful to know these places still exist. a while back i did a blog post on our trip to burgeo--but you'd have to dig to find it. i love it that you enjoy these places too. sorry for grammar and spelling

  2. He definitley did not mean it
    Benny & Lily

  3. You are beautiful, rare and wonderful, Mags! When I was a kid my mother liked to tell me I was so lazy I didn't earn my salt! Why do people who love us say mean things sometimes, Maggi? I dunno!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Maggi, you are the eighth wonder of the world and you know for sure that everybodyloves you.

  5. Miss Maggi,
    Humans seem confused themselves by the words that come out of their mouths. I have been called "bad dog" in the most pleasing tones whilst having my ears rubbed, so I think it's OK. You are most certainly one of the best bags of fur I have ever seen.