Friday, April 29, 2011

As They Say in Obedience Class--HEAL!

There are two patients waiting at the doctors clinic--both require hip surgery. The first patient is seen right away, admitted for surgery and sent home for rest and recovery.

The second patient is sent for painful tests and X-rays. After a few weeks he is giving medication and sent for therapy. He is put on a 3 month waiting list and has to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks after his surgery. What was the difference between the first and second patient?

The first patient was an Afghan Hound--the second patient was a senior citizen. Love Groucho.


  1. awww...Groucho, you bum is nekkid!

    sure hope you feel better soon!

    wags, wiggles & healing slobbers

  2. Yer Nekkid! Oh you poor baby! We'd be glad to loan you some fur - we have it all over the house!

    Hope you're feeling better and aren't in any pain. We are sending healing paws your way.

  3. Groucho, the boys and I wish you super fast healing!! We're glad you got the treatment you needed to feel better. It's so sad that not everyone, people and animals, can.

  4. Groucho, our paws are crossed for your speedy recovery :-)

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. Groucho, paws and fingers crossed here for you!

    Hope your recovery goes well. Same delays here for people waiting for hip and knee replacements - not nice at all to be left waiting. Murray's Mom only got her replacement hip because she was living in Belgium at the time - the doctor's here said she wasn't in enough pain!! She could hardly walk at the time!!!

    take it easy, hip surgery requires plenty of rest!!

    Clive & Co

  6. We are very happy to hear that Groucho has had his surgery - now let the healing begin. Poor guy - hanging there all naked, hope he is getting lots and lots of pampering.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Oh you poor babies. Purrty soon you will be able to jump higher and run faster
    Benny & Lily

  8. Groucho's booy is nakkid!
    Hope you heal quickly!

  9. Dood there's an upside to this... You could get in one of them there contests for doggies with funny haircuts! too soon???

    Paws crossed for speed to recovery!

    Bobo and Meja

  10. Um... Groucho... I hate to mention this, but you seem to have forgotten to put your pants on...

    Oh well, I guess you won't need them until you recover from your surgery!

    Get well soon!
    Puppy kisses

  11. Oh Groucho! You poor dear. That was a very funny post. Perhaps the human did not want his / her bottom shaved. I hope you are taking your meds and being good. Might want to rethink your fur cut. Looking a bit lopsided there, buddy. Sending all good thoughts your way.


  12. Heal quickly, Groucho. And we think the vets are better than human doctors about a lot of things.

  13. Hey Groucho!
    Wow, your butt got buzzed. I am sending a huge bunch of healing vibes to you so your hip gets better super-fast. Take care of yourself!
    Grr and a Concerned Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  14. Ohhhh! I've been so wrapped up in my weird world....Groucho needs some huggin's and lotsa lovin'!

  15. Groucho, I hope you heal up really soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Oh, sorry this is late but am glad you came through your surgery well, Groucho and hope that you recover soon!

    Am sending lots of healing slobbers!
    Honey the Great Dane