Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Traitor

Guinness here at the keyboard today--and somethin' aint mom came home from work covered in dog hair...

I grab the camera...140 new pictures! Looks like my mom took her lunch break over at Silver Shoe today. That is where Silver lives (Saige's sister). Two Labradorks live there too! Cinnamin and Oreo.

OH. Well well. It looks as if Finn and Liam made an appearance too....

Do you think you can handle all these girls, Liam???

And what is this? What is this procession all about?

COOKIES? You have GOT to be kidding me!

And refreshments too? This is like watching some cruel horror film.

...and now I see that they all get belly rubs....

Et tu, Liam? Oh the insanity of it all...

Looks like everyone has gone a little silly...

I suppose now that bellies are full and rubbed they want a little snooze...WHAT THE???

GACK! My mom looks like she is in some kind of wolfhound paradise!

This is too much. I have to go have a talk with my mom. Let her know who the #1 dog is around here....


  1. Those humans can never be trusted off leash.

  2. We loved your pics and were about to comment you need to work on the recall - see The Herd beat us to it!
    We hate when our humans smell of other dogs......traitors right enough.....still she did seem to be having fun.

  3. Guinness, I understand your concern. I mean cookies...AND BELLY RUBS. You need to have a serious discussion with your Mom. This kind of event should not be held without you.....and me.

  4. Mom is out of control! She will require therapy. Certainly she is addicted to doggies who are not YOU!


    P.S. Haven't seen the alien in a while. Hope he is OK.

  5. What is with these mommas? Mine came home all covered in some other Frenchie's hair the other day, so I totally understand. If we didn't know how ginormous you guys were, we'd think there was a new breed: teacup labs!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  6. We alway sniff Alpha when she comes in to see if she's been seeing other dogs.....and sometimes she has. But more worrying is that she smells of cat.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. I think you should go on Strike or something.

  8. Saige and Guiness need to go visit! hehe

  9. This just makes me so happy seeing all the dogs having fun and being themselves. Okay, okay...I guess someone needs to hook us up with a puppy for Christmas.

  10. We say go on strike or lock the door next time you see her approaching covered in dog hair. The nerve
    Benny & Lily

  11. Oh my God, Guinness - that really is a betrayal of the worst kind! You poor thing! Looks like your human had a great time, though...can't really stay mad at her when she's smiling so happily like that, can you? :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. our pinkie would be in heaven too, with all that fuzz about. She loves falling in a heap with us...cray monstahs!

  13. That made us cry, what a nasty Mamma you have :(
    forget talking, go and tread on her foot!

    your pals,
    Dig and Del

  14. Man, what a fun time you missed. You better request lot's of extra snuggles!

  15. Oh dear...I do hope she made it up to you!!