Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guinness' Perpetual Dream

Yawn...hmmm..I wonder what it is doing outside. Let's go have a look...

BAH! PTTHHH! GACK! Look at this! will it ever end?

Our human Dad is out plowing the driveway...again...

The fields and forests are covered in so much snow it is almost blinding....

...and the only sound is the quiet stillness...


And the waterfalls have all turned to ice...

.... and we can walk right on top of the water! all of us are staying warm and falling asleep by the toasty fireplace..zzzzzz..... is actually a CAMPFIRE on a lazy summer night...

...and we can walk right into the Lake and cool off...

...and we can sit UNDERNEATH those waterfalls...

...and watch the sun go down...

...and all the fields and forests have turned so green it almost hurts the eyes...

...and the sounds of summer are all around us...


...and our Dad is plowing the fields, NOT the driveway.... the lazy days of summer can rock you right to sleep.... zzzzzzzzz....

YAWN...hmmmm... I wonder what it is doing outside...let's go have a look...


  1. From the marvellous photos I don't know whether your home is more magical in summer or winter.

  2. Keep dreaming Guinness! It will happen. Spring always matter what!

  3. Dream on buddy - someday it will come.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  4. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for the mini-tour. Seems like no matter the season, beauty lies all around you (and I'll add the four-footed cuties in that mix, too!)

  5. AWESOME post! The beauty is breath taking! The pups are an added pleasure to the photos indeed!

  6. Best post award should be yours, the photos are amazing no matter what the season. You have to have giant pups to cope with that snow. I like your summer best for me personally it would be heaven.

  7. I love how you tell a story with pictures. It's like we know these wolfies personally. I want to come play in the waterfalls with them..when things aren't frozen.

  8. Guiness this is an absolutely wonderful post. I am not kidding one bit... you should put it together and submit to publishers. What a super children's book. Just beautiful pictures. Check out Createspace. You could publish it yourself!!!!!! The pics are breathtaking!!!!!!!

  9. Is that your house in the background? Beautiful. I love all the pics. Where do you live?

  10. *sigh* - such a wonderful dream!! All that icky white stuff - GONE! Gorgeous photos!

    ((hugs)) Oksar, Schatzi & Xena

  11. woah you really do live in a wonderland!!! oh and thanks for the prickle advise i consider it expert advise coming from you arf arf arf

  12. What a lovely dream! The two waterfall photos are breath-catching. Wow. I love your posts, Wolfies. You explore even in your dreams.

  13. Our momma says that she wishes it would snow! Our skies are clear and blue and that makes for some really COLD days and nights, brrrrr☺ Of course, there is a blessing in all of our cold weather - the poop-sicles are nearly self-serve☺

  14. I wish I could get through the snow as easily!

  15. We really loved the first half of your post - snow, snow, glorious snow. But the Momster thought the dream was pawesome - she is so sick of winter. Great post.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  16. Your mom sure does take awesome pictures of you guys. So thats what shaggy rugs are made of..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  17. That waterfall shot is one of the best pics I have seen all week. I'd love to share it on our fan page. If you don't object could you send me an e-mail? And if you do object, no worries. Just love your pics as always. :)

  18. Pawesome post!
    Now tell me how I do to close my mom's mouth?
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Looks like heaven either way! Put me on the list for summer visitation invites!!

  20. I think the children's book idea is a natural. Like I said, I love reading your blog with my five-year-old. You should do it.

  21. I'm dreaming of those days right along with you. :)


  22. Beautiful post! We wanna come visit... in the summertime. bol!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  23. What a beautiful place you live - your photos are fabulous! What big dogs you are - all the more tail to wag, tongue to lick and ears to ruffle and doggie to hug x

  24. We have NO snow and dream of getting another round. Sigh.

  25. My mom person & I are convinced that you guys live in the most beautiful place ever!

  26. Oh my...that's how we feel...we gotta agree with guys live in a glorious place...when does your spring come???

    Hey...I sent a box to Groucho the Alien doggie bout a week ago...our postie said it was going by slow moving water camel...should be there in another week?? Let us know!!!

    And tell that Grouchy he's to SHARE his spoils!!

    Congrats again on your MM placing!

    Love and kisses, Laciegirlie

  27. Hi Guinness - what wonderful dreams, thanks for taking us along with you! Looking at these photos made us feel all summery for a brief moment - and then we looked outside at the sleet and rain and remembered there's a few months to go yet....! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.