Thursday, September 4, 2014

Senior Moment

Oh Hi--it's Guinness.  I love these late summer evenings. 

Lately, I have been pulling some stunts.  I am really extra stubborn-- now that I am a senior--I am pretty set in my ways.

Can you spot me AND Maggi in this picture?

I have been enjoying my days--but I am no longer much of a SPLORIN wolfie.  More like a STAYING Wolfie! 

That is fine with me--gotta take time to smell the flowers.

But now it is time to go.  Here is where my stunts begin.  I never want to leave.  I start a plan in my mind and find my diversion.

Usually that means running away from the vehicle to delay going home.  It is a drama I create every night.  Now I run away to the middle of the field.  I do not hear anyone calling my name.  La la la... just out here minding my business.  Cant hear you.

My human has to come get me.  Oh hi there, nice to see you-- is it time to go? 

Maggi is patient--she waits by the car.  Eventually we get home.  But I make sure I slip in these senior moments every day now.  Makes life more exciting.   Bye for now--love Guinness.


  1. Man, oh man, Guinness, you sure are milking that senior status. :)

  2. Hi Guinness, it's great to see you're enjoying summer. Sasha also likes to play the "I can't hear you" game, only hers is "I can hear you, but I'm not coming back!"

    We're in spring now, since 1st Sept, here in Australia, but it's still very cold. We got down to 5 degrees C this morning, which we know you'll laugh at - our human lived in Winnipeg when she was a teensy pup, so she knows it gets colder in other places, but she still feels the cold here! It got up to 20 degrees C on the weekend, so we went for our first beach swim of the season.

    We don't mind the cold, though - we sleep on the bed with our human, and the colder it is the closer we snuggle up to her!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Trixie

  3. Howdy Guinness, when you're a senior you get to do whatever makes you happy. So mum says anyway and she should know hehehe. Take care mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Oh boy, I like standing or sitting too. Maybe that's what happens when we are seniors
    Lily & Edward